Renting out equipment is a legitimate way to earn extra income. It gives financial freedom and security. A user asked the forum, “Most profitable equipment to rent out?” Here are the common responses. 


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“With a $400 bouncy house, you can make $150-200 a gig. I tried it myself and then just made money. People picked it up, or I delivered. The water bucket drop is popular, too.”


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“I’ve seen videos about people renting out fridges to caterers doing on-site events. Deliver it before the event, pick it up after.”


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“Directional drills. $100k-230k to purchase, currently renting for $500/day, $1850/week.”


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“15-yard dumpsters rent for between $350-$500 for 2-3 days rentals depending on your area’s dump fees and fuel cost. Dump fees are area-dependent and range from $30 to $150/ton. 

Most companies have a weight limit of 2 tons per load and will charge overage if it exceeds this limit. You’ll need at minimum a 3/4 ton truck, roll-off trailer, and however many bins you want (most people have at least 5 to get started).”


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“I have a friend who lends portable margarita machines and cotton candy machines. He seems happy with the return on investment.”


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“Concrete pumps are always in demand. You’d have to get in touch with some manufacturers.”


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“Generators, wait for the next natural disaster.”


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“Electronic bikes and scooters if the area is right, or deliver them for tourists. They go for the same as cars and cost 10-20x less. Then you also own a cool toy. Additionally, kayaks and canoes if you are near water.”


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“I live in South Florida, so this probably doesn’t apply everywhere, but if you buy a slingshot, companies will rent them out for you, and it’s printing money.”


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“Propane space heaters. Restaurants use them in the winter for their outdoor patios. It would seem like a popular item.”


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“Party tents. They quoted us $800/day, so we bought one for $2,000.”


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“I would say Recreational Vehicle (RV). Buy a cheap fix, clean it, and rent it.”


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“Flower wall for pictures and decorations.”


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“You can rent a 12″ wood chipper for $500/day at $50k.”


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“Check out Boatsetter. It’s crazy the amount people will pay to rent an early 2000s ski boat for a day that would cost just $10,000 to purchase.”


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“Ditch Witch. I worked for a solar installer, and despite showing the owners every year for eight years that buying a ditch that would pay for itself in under a year, they insisted we rent one every time. I wish I’d bought one and rented it to us.”


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“A sawmill can cost as low as $2,000. You can cut wood and sell it or have people who want their woodcut charge them for it.”


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“Farmer equipment.”


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“Hydraulic lift and scissor lift. You can pick these up at auctions at a fair price. I know one goes for $500 a week.”

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