While some addictions manifest more conspicuously, they all carry the weight of potentially inflicting deep-seated damage.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What’s an addiction that people often overlook?”. Here are the top responses.


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“People get addicted to the hit from getting outraged, so a lot of news outlets realize they just need to keep it going.”, said one user.


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“Outrage is an addiction. Some people seek it out, actively searching for a reason to hate their neighbors so that they can get their hit of dopamine.

It feeds news addiction, tribalism, and eventually extremism. It’s the source of so much violence, so many divided houses and ruined lives, but we do nothing to curb it.”, said one user.


2. shop
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“I just got back this month after being in rehab for 2 months, and at my therapy, they asked me if i noticed any cross addictions, i told my therapist i think i have a shopping addiction, and she told me it’s a common addiction that goes unnoticed way too many times.”, said one user.


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“My stomach drops every time I see my daily average screen-time. It’s hard to realize how much time you spend scrolling until you actually see the numbers.”, said one user. 


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“I worked for one manager who literally had an addiction to work so bad it was ruining her life.

She was a recovering drug addict and I guess staying busy helped her cope, but she just traded one addiction for another.”, said one user. 


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“When my depression is bad, I’d say sleep. It’s a free, safe way to escape but it ultimately feeds the depression becoming a bad cycle. It doesn’t sound that bad but it’s consuming.”, said one user. 


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“I am addicted to junk food and wish I could break that habit, as it is taking a toll on my health.”, said one user.

“I quit smoking quite easily but I can’t for the life of me quit sugar. So much harder.”, said another user.


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“I spend way too much time on this stupid app.”, said one user.


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“I still get withdrawals and if something scratches my arms in the right way I need to take a minute to gather myself.”, said one user.


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“Skin picking aka dermatillomania. It’s so overlooked that our society has glorified it. We now even have a show called Dr. Pimple popper!”, said one user. 

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