Feeling puzzled by the lack of male attention? You’re not the only one. Many women face this challenge, leaving them perplexed and disheartened.

A user asked the forum, “Men, what’d make a woman unapproachable?” – some answers are reasonable but some are plain outrageous. 

Check this out:


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“Sadly, every girl I see is staring at her phone or walking with headphones.”


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“The baseball cap over the eye’s look, I’m convinced it’s on purpose that she doesn’t want to be approached in that situation.”


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“The place where she is. I only ask women out at the designated places. Bars, clubs, etc.

Her facial expression and body language. Most women have facial expression and body language that just screams to not be bothered by guys. Can’t point out how exactly, but it’s very obvious.

I think that men had enough education on what makes women unapproachable. The question should rather be, what can make women do to look approachable?”


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“If she has a camera in her face because she wants to be an “influencer,” HARD pass.”


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“Smoking. 100% smoking. Just my preference, though.”


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“Loud and obnoxious.”


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“She pays more attention to social media.”


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“Her teeth. If her teeth are messed up, that is a dealbreaker also if she seems wasted.”


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“If they look busy or otherwise occupied. I’m not going to interrupt just to try to talk to her.”


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“Being comically overweight.”


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“Too many Tattoos. The more, the worse. No matter how nice they are.”


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“Aggressive, masculine energy. Nope, I don’t want that.”


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“Pet alligator. That’d be scary.”


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“Arrogant attitude, self-centered, bad hygiene, doesn’t get off their cell phone for more than 10 seconds.”


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“Modern culture. If I tried to approach her and she didn’t like it, all of a sudden, I’m a “creepy weirdo,” and it’s borderline harassment, LOL.”


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“To be approachable, you need eye contact and a smile. If you do not want to talk to someone or be approached, just don’t even look at them.

Eye contact makes some men assume interest even if you’re not. I know this isn’t 100% effective, but it will send a straightforward message to most reasonable men.” 


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“If a woman is married or in a committed relationship.”

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