While modern inventions are impressive in their own right, some older ones were truly groundbreaking, far surpassing the technological capabilities of their time.

A user recently asked, what older invention was better than its modern upgrade? Read on to know the top responses. 

1. Buttons and Knobs

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“Changing from buttons and knobs to touch screens on appliances. Sure some of them are better but if it breaks then you can’t just change a cheap piece of plastic” said one.

“I read an article where automakers recognize that people hate touchscreens in cars and are switching back to buttons.” someone added. 

2. Owning Software You Buy

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“Actually owning software you buy, as opposed to having a subscription to some online version of the software that performs worse, steals your data, and robs you of any control you had over the upgrade cycle.” suggested one.

“I despise subscriptions and hope enough people get angry enough to force a move away from them” replied another. 

3. Microwaves In The 80s And 90s

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“Technology Connections on YouTube made a video about microwaves. There were some pretty amazing ones in the 80s and 90s. Most new ones don’t have half the features or usefulness,” said one.

“When I bought my house I spent a bunch of time researching microwaves so I could buy the absolute best one, as one does. Turns out the *vast* majority of them are made by the same Chinese OEM, Midea, and are nearly identical internals with different exteriors.” replied another. 

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4. Kids’ Toys

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“Children’s toys.  I remember growing up in the 80s, I had a sit-and-spin that was indestructible.

Nowadays, plastic is so flimsy, and it’s just a snap-and-go construction that the smallest thing breaks it. I feel the same way about water guns, doll houses, and really anything that’s mostly plastic. Toys nowadays seem designed to intentionally break after a little bit of time.”

5. Jerry Cans For Gasoline

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“The Jerry cans for gasoline. I can’t stand these new ones with the “no spill” nozzles. I get more on my hands trying to get them to open properly.” said one.

“The “no spill” actually refers to its inability to spill gas into the gas tank.” replied another.

6. Older YouTube

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“Fewer ads, no crappy algorithm, but most importantly, it wasn’t nearly as heavily monetized. Videos were made by users who were passionate about the subject, they got right to the point and everyone wasn’t asking you to like and subscribe. 

I get it, it’s a full-time job for a lot of creators now, but 15 years ago it was just a different vibe.”

“When the app was spring loaded onto your iPod and the icon was an old TV and you opened up to see the top videos of the day and go through trending to eventually settle on part 17 of southern teenager faking a freak out and destroying a microwave”

7. Laminated Restaurant Menus

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“Restaurant menus on a piece of laminated paper VS a QR code. QR safety is very poor and the technology gets in the way of a phone-free meal out.” said one.

“not to mention not everybody is familiar with QR codes or has the ability to scan them with their device. It also just doesn’t feel as nice, I enjoy looking at a physical menu. If I wanted to feel like I’m ordering takeout I’d order takeout” added another. 

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8. The M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun

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“Honestly, that’s probably the one that’s stood up the best for the longest. The fact that the US army still uses this thing invented in the 1930s is crazy. It’s actually outlasted the 1911 now that I think about it.” said one. 

“That thing is so good it hasn’t even had a modern upgrade” replied another.

9. School Bags

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“School bags. I’m not talking about 1970s school bags but like school bags from the 90s are NOTICEABLY thicker and higher quality than the junk they try to sell you today.

To get the same quality school bag you’d get for paying 30$ in the 90s you need to shell ~120$ now.”

“I still have the Jansport I used in high school in my basement as well as a North Face bag I used at the same time, graduated in 2005 for context. 

Both are still in 100% usable condition and have managed to outlast bags I’ve bought in just the last decade. Things are made to break these days. It’s the only way capitalism survives. Making things last doesn’t increase profits year over year.”

10. Jeans

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“Jeans, yeah the flex fabric is more comfortable but I get maybe 2 years out of a pair now. I used to wear them for 10 years or more.” said one. 

“They are also so thin now, they are too chilly to wear in the winter.” replied another. 

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11. Landline Phones

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“Landline phones are better than cells at being actual phones. Comparatively, almost no dropped calls, no “can you hear me know,” or walking around to find a signal.

I rarely make actual phone calls, but I hate that phone is hands down the worst app (is that the right term?) I use.” said one.

“The wired telephone system is one of the most reliable large-scale technological inventions ever created. I’m sad and angry to see it fading. Mobile phones are terrible. Yeah, I can use them in a pinch, but the sound quality is awful” replied another. 

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