Couples argue about all sorts of things, but one of the most common topics is food. What to eat, where to eat, and who’s going to cook can all be sources of tension.

A user asked the forum, “Am I a jerk for making my husband a vegan dinner even though he’s completely against becoming one?”. Read the complete story to know who is at fault here.


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The original poster (OP) (24M) and her husband (25M) have been happily married for a little over a year now. They met through a mutual friend, and he learned very quickly that she was a vegan.

OP says that they started dating about a year after they met and got closer.


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She says that he had no issues with her being vegan but made it very clear that she wouldn’t force him into being a vegan, which she respected. She hasn’t ever put him down for eating meat in front of her, as that is his choice.

Each to their own. OP says that they even served vegan and meat-inclusive food at their wedding to accommodate their families.

OP says that up till then, everything was great.


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However, recently she has been seeing many vegan recipes on her Pinterest and decided she wanted to try making one for dinner.

They don’t usually have fancy dinners at home as both of them work full time, but she found some time today to cook something up.


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OP says that it was a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches, but the pork wasn’t pork. Instead, it was jackfruit.


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Her husband seemed a little stressed about work, but she showed him the surprise dinner, and that seemed to help his mood.

OP says that he ate it happily and even complimented her cooking.


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But when he asked what was in it – and when she told him it was a pulled pork sandwich with jackfruit as a meat alternative – he lashed out.

He shouted, telling her he had made it clear he was a meat eater.


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OP tried explaining that she wasn’t trying to turn him into a vegan, but he’d just walked away then.

OP says it happened a few hours back, and now he refuses to talk to her.


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She says she feels like she might be a jerk for making him a vegan meal even though he’d made it extremely clear he wouldn’t become one.

She feels that even if it wasn’t her intention to make him one, she still made a vegan dinner that passed off as one with meat in it.

Now OP wants to know if she is a jerk.


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“Not a jerk. Eating a single vegan meal does not make you vegan.

That’s like saying I’m a fitness enthusiast because I went to the gym once last year.”


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“Not a jerk – as a meat eater, I can never get my head around meat eaters who get mad about being fed something that doesn’t have meat in it.”


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“I’m confused by his reaction. Would he have a similar meltdown about a kosher meal because he didn’t want to keep kosher in the future? This is extremely childish on your husband’s part.”

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