Not all famous people deserve the love and attention they receive, regardless of their industry. Their off-screen actions may be inconsistent with their public persona.

We found one such interesting discussion. A Redditor asked recently, what famous person turned out to be a creep? Here are the top responses:

1. Jared Fogle: The Subway Guy

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“Most people know he got caught with obscene content involving children. But I feel like most people are unaware it was 6 terabytes of it! 6TB of raw storage can hold 1,200,000 photos; 1,500,000 . mp3s; and 460 hours of high-definition video.

“That documentary made me question all of humanity…not that I wasn’t before, but how do people turn out like that?” said another

2. Jimmy Savile: The Man Behind Britain’s Biggest Scandal

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“What a coincidence that three weeks after his death, it was revealed he was a rapist,” said one.

“The question “What famous person turned out to be an absolute monster?” would be more fitting regarding Jimmy Saville..!!” exclaimed another. 

“Jimmy Saville. Sexually abused kids living and dead.” Said someone.  “Yup. Used to have access to hospital morgues. Personal keys to some. He is ok, he’s a famous TV personality.” replied another.

3. Bill Cosby: From The Cosby Show

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“In the words of Norm MacDonald, “People say that the worst part of the Cosby thing was the hypocrisy. I disagree. I think it was the raping.”” said one.

“That man broke my heart. I say, unironically, he had done as much for racial relations in the United States as anyone ever with his show and public persona. And then the rug got pulled out from under me.

He was a phony, a pervert, a liar, and a hypocrite, who had repeatedly betrayed the family he had talked about so much in his specials and loosely based his show up on.

He had repeatedly violated people and used his money and power to keep things quiet. By his actions, he had fed into the tired old stereotype of black men who can’t control their libidos. In short, everything about this man I had loved and admired was a lie. What a waste, and I hope his family and especially his victims find peace.”

4. Dan Schneider: From iCarly

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“From what has come out publicly, he was often very controlling and would have aggressive outbursts, in Jennette McCurdy’s memoir she mentioned that he would be manipulative and verbally abusive, but never mentioned anything sexual directly. 

The claims that Dan Schneider was assaulted or grooming anyone is currently unsubstantiated, and no one had directly come forward with specific complaints to him being a criminal.

What *has* come out was enough for Nick to cut ties with him, which was that he would be verbally abusive to production staff, was often a control freak, and would engage in powerplays to push performances.”

5. Joshua Duggar: 19 Kids And Counting 

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“Not sure how unforeseen it was, and not sure if it counts as famous, but Joshua Duggar. Joshua Duggar is a tragic excuse for a human being.” said one.

“I always thought he was a creep; even in the early specials. That entire family is weird. I’m sure Daddy Duggar has some skeletons in his closet too.” added another. 

“He goes beyond creep. I listened to the FBI raid done on his computer. One of the videos he downloaded is possibly one of the most vile things ever recorded. There’s no pain and torture enough for him for it.”

6. R. Kelly: The Definition Of ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’

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“I remember hearing jokes about him being a child assaulter on the Chapelle Show in the early 2000s. People definitely knew and didn’t care.” said one.  

“What really bothers me about him is that the things he did had been out for decades, but it only started getting addressed recently,” said another.

7. Drake Bell: From Drake And Josh

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“Drake Bell. And it blows as a kid growing up and watching him do the word stuff he’s done. Same with James a Franco” said one. 

“Drake Bell was like the coolest guy to me when I was like 7. He was huge for kids in the late 2000s. I even met him a few years ago and re-enacted the door hole skit with him on video, and he signed my dvd. It was like a dream come true for lil me. So hearing all of this stuff happen to him is disappointing. And the news of his arrest came out on my birthday lol.” added another.

8. Danny Masterson: ‘Hyde’ From That 70s Show

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“Raped girls at gunpoint, then had the church of Scientology silence them via their own “judicial” system (gaslighting). It really made me sad and disgusted to hear. It’s hard to watch the show after that.” said one. 

“This one hit me really hard. I remember watching that 70s show in my late teen years and basing my entire preference on his character. I wanted to find someone who liked zeppelin and weed as much as I did. I guess I can still like the character, but man, it’s just not the same.” replied another.

9. Stephen Collins: From Seventh Heaven

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“And the worst part is that we don’t even know who his victim was to enact real justice because he never named them in the taped conversation where he confessed,” said one.

“Oof, I forgot about him. I loved 7th Heaven as a kid. When the news about him came out, I felt like my childhood was a lie. Such a creep!” replied another.

10. Steven Tyler : From American Idol

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“Steven Tyler. It wasn’t even a secret since that behavior was acceptable back then.” said one.

“Yet no one seems to care. Took adoptive custody of a 15-16 year old to have an intimate relationship with them. She wrote a book about it and people are just fine with it.” another added. 

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