Despite their practicality, many sound pieces of frugal advice are often overlooked.  A user took it to the forum, and asked, “What’s a piece of frugal advice you see ignored often?”. Here are the top responses.


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“That it’s okay to spend money you have on things that matter to you. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of how many pennies can I pinch. It’s a miserable place to be. Save where it makes sense, spend where it makes sense.”, said one user.


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“We know people who refuse to use credit cards. Maybe that’s good if they’re like alcoholics when it comes to credit. Just say no.

But they’re missing out on free money, plus the convenience, plus the other benefits like price protection.”, said one user.


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“It’s always cars. I don’t necessarily believe in “get a beater”. I’ve had those and with the $$ spent on repairs, I could have driven something better.

But a decent used car that will stay on the road, pay it off and drive it till it dies.”, said one user.


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“I see a lot of people talking about all the things they got on sale or clearance and saved money. But unless you already were planning on buying or needed those things, you didn’t get a deal, you spent money you didn’t need to.

Also, I’m not talking about food items or household stuff that will eventually get used, but clothing and shoes and things that they don’t need and weren’t planning on buying anyways.”, said one user.


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“People are far less willing to learn baking than to learn cooking. It’s been strange seeing the change. Back in the seventies baking was a normal life skill. My first grade (Gen X) reading textbook included a simple recipe for cookies, and all the kids in the reading group went home and baked cookies that week with our parents.

By junior high, I was doing simple baking unsupervised. Then during high school, the price of microwave ovens came down to where ordinary people could afford them. Ever since then, baking has become a niche skill.

There’s endless talk about the savings of DIYing coffee at home but not about the bakery shelf items people buy along with coffee. People don’t realize how much they’re getting fleeced for baked goods: dollars for a simple muffin or a cookie.”, said one user.


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“I don’t do Goodwill a lot because they’re expensive. However, I use apps such as Mercari and Facebook Marketplace. I’ve gotten such huge deals on clothes.

I try not to let my kids know their clothes are used, but at least 80% of what they own is used. Even my clothes are used.

It’s too damn expensive for clothes. People act as if used clothes are a sign you’re poor and struggling. Ok, fine, I don’t care, but I’m saving lots of money.”, said one user.


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“Half of the people making 100k or more are living paycheck to paycheck. The only way to stop this is to live below your means. That will help you save up.”


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“People should stop comparing what they have with what others have. Instead, they should be thankful for the things they own.”, said one user.


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“There’s a ton of stuff in our area like free concerts in the park, college events, museum passes at the library, free days at the museums, and naturalist activities at the regional parks that have been just as much fun for us as expensive plays and dinners out.”, said one user.


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“People refuse to have a yard sale because it’s “too much work”. It’s a good thing that it’s a lot of work, because going through all of that can solidify for some people not to purchase things in the future that they don’t really need, and that you would get a little back on when you go to sell it.

Go ahead and have that yard sale, and learn those lessons. They will be deeply ingrained after you go through all that work.”, said one user.

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