Some people are so heartless they don’t mind stooping to the lowest level to torment others!

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for getting a house of mine condemned so my stepdaughter was forced to move out?”. What’s your take on the matter?


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The Original Poster’s (OP’s) (33F) late husband, before he got sick, bought an ancient house that he wanted to fix up. 

“It used to be some old money family’s hunting lodge (at least that is what the relator said) that had fallen into disrepair,” says OP. 


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Her (OP’s) husband never intended to use the house as a primary residence. His justification for the purchase was that he had grown up poor, and after he started making a lot of money, he had, for the past few decades, never spent much of it on luxuries for himself or his family. 

He did not wear expensive clothes or drive expensive cars. His money only ever went to safe investments or to new businesses he was able to make a success, so this was the one purchase that he wanted to make just because he could.

“Unlike our other homes that came in pristine condition, this home was falling apart,” says OP. 


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During OP’s six-year marriage, she has had an okay relationship with one of her husband’s daughters.

“However, his other daughter has always been difficult. She disliked how tight-fisted her dad was towards her mom and family. She had a horrible boyfriend who already had five children with two other women by the time he was 32 but believed that after having her 4-year-old daughter, he would propose instead of leaving her as he did,” says OP.


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After the boyfriend left this other daughter, OP and her husband, let her live in the house rent-free. OP thought she was supposed to start paying rent, but OP’s husband got sick, and they never communicated well. 

“But during the years she was in the house, it continued to deteriorate quickly,” says OP. 


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After OP’s husband died, his assets were divided between OP, his nephew, and the rest in a trust for OP and her son (4M). 

“I told his daughter that she had to start paying $900/month in exchange for her living in two adjoining rooms upstairs and being able to use the kitchen. She said that was too hard and that she was a single mom. She also got mad when I said that her boyfriend is around spending money on dates but somehow cannot send support,” says OP. 


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After a week of contact, OP handed it over to her lawyers, who went through all the steps to give proper notice and then filed for eviction.

“However, evictions take a long time in our state. It’s been four months, and it’s clear my stepdaughter wants to fight it because she has no plan and below-average credit,” says OP. 


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OP has somebody who goes to the common area to do basic cleanup, and OP’s stepdaughter claims depression has made her unable to clean.

“We always knew the house was falling apart, but after getting somebody to inspect it, my agents told me this place could easily be condemned, and we wouldn’t have to wait for a proper eviction,” says OP. 


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So, now OP’s stepdaughter and her kid are being forced out immediately, and she is furious and says she could have made it, and OP was leaving her homeless. 

“Am I a jerk for going a legally permissible route and getting the house condemned? It always needed to be rehabbed, but now I’m getting rid of a problematic tenant”, asks OP. 


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“You’re the jerk. First, you wanted $900/month in rent when your husband never told either of you about her paying rent.

Secondly, you wanted her to pay $900/month for a quickly condemned property. If you hadn’t condemned it, would you have fixed up the property so it’s livable?”


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“Sounds like you’re a landlord that tried to collect rent for a barely livable house, and when that didn’t work, you made that mother and daughter homeless. Oh, and you stole her inheritance. Yeah, you’re the jerk.”


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“You’re the jerk for missing so many things here for context. I bet you paint yourself in a good light, but honestly, it sounds like you’re a gold digger. It sounds like he married someone his daughter’s age, probably because he couldn’t keep anyone his age. Karma is going to bite you back, something fierce.” 


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“Yeah, you’re a piece of trash. I could tell that when you didn’t state your husband’s age. You married him for money, relished that he was a cheapskate, but bought you multiple houses. 

His daughter is obviously in a bad situation living in a house you couldn’t care less about. Imagine if there had been a contesting of the will by some other relative of his. Someone who wanted to throw you and your young son out of a house. You’d be crying here right now.”

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