It is always best to seek medical attention after an accident, no matter how minor it may seem. There may be injuries that are not immediately visible, and delaying treatment could make them worse.

The Original Poster (OP) took it to the forum, and asked “Am I wrong for refusing to take my son to the ER?”. We want to know from you.


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OP is 61 and his wife is 43. They have 4 kids – two daughters (16 and 17), and two sons (9 and 11).


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A few days ago OP, along with his two sons, went on a trip to his sister’s house out of state. They were gone for a week. OP’s wife stayed back at home along with their two daughters.


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One day during their stay, OP’s youngest son got to ride OP’s brother-in-law’s four-wheeler. He put on the helmet and went ahead to explore the 10 acres of land that they had. Then OP and his brother-in-law went inside their house to watch TV.


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About 10 minutes later, OP’s brother-in-law mentioned that he couldn’t hear the four-wheeler anymore. They immediately headed outside and heard OP’s son screaming. They ran towards the scream.


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They finally found him on the back half of the property. By the time OP reached there, OP’s brother-in-law already lifted the four wheeler off of OP’s son’s leg. He was hurt and was not able to walk.


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OP denied taking his son to the hospital as his sister was a nurse and he waited for her to return home. He wanted his sister to diagnose if anything was broken, and then only he would take him to the hospital.


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A few days ago, OP took his oldest daughter to the ER because of a sprained ankle and found out they didn’t have insurance. That was another reason for not taking his son to the ER immediately.


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They waited for OP’s sister to arrive and finally, they got to know that nothing was broken and everything was fine after that. OP delayed their return so that his son could get some rest and finally he got back on his feet and was walking just fine.


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When OP’s wife got to know about the incident, she got angry at OP for not taking their son to the hospital immediately. She said that there could have been other complications because of this reluctance and now is extremely upset at OP.

Now OP wants to know if what he did was wrong.


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“I was going to mention being medically neglectful, but honestly, I don’t think it needs that qualifier. You let a 9-year-old take off on 10 acres and didn’t get him medical attention when the obvious happened.

Fine or not, I get why your wife is mad. She probably questions whether she can trust you with the kids.”, said one user.

You Cannot Be Sure

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“Do you have an x-ray machine at home? Because if you don’t, there’s absolutely no way she can be 100% sure there isn’t a break, and he could have other injuries as well such as compartment syndrome since this presumably 50-90 lb kid had A 600+ LB ATV fall on him. This absolutely warrants a trip to the ER.”, said another user.

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