Super Bowl is around the corner, and we all know it is one of the year’s most significant sports event for game fans. The game’s excitement and activity create many opportunities to cash in on the event.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a way to make some extra cash, there are plenty of creative ways to make money during Super Bowl weekend. The possibilities are endless, from hosting parties to providing services such as transportation, pet-sitting, photography, and even selling merchandise.

You can turn your passion for the game into a profitable business venture with some creativity and effort. Let’s tell you how: 


1. Provide Services For Arranging Parties

According to Martha Stewart,This year, 90 million people will throw or attend a Super Bowl party, and the average person will spend $79 on the event.”

You can offer to arrange parties for individuals in their homes or to hotels, bars, and other venues that are screening the game. Some of your services can include stting up tables and chairs, providing decorations, food, and entertainment.

Besides this, you could also offer to handle all of the logistics, such as arranging for transportation, security, and clean-up. By providing a comprehensive party arrangement service, you can relieve the stress of hosting a Super Bowl party and allow your clients to sit back and enjoy the game.

You can publish flyers and distribute it to the locality, stick them on all important places, and promote it on social media. Don’t forget to tell your network about it.


2. Drive Fans To Their Destinations

As fans drive to the stadium or to their favorite hangout places, such as sports bars, restaurants, and friends’ houses, there will be a high demand for reliable and efficient transportation.  

You can make money by picking up and dropping off passengers who need a ride to their destination. Focus on certain times during the day, which includes,

  • A few hours before the start time
  • Halftime
  • End time

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3. Deliver food

As fans gather to watch the game, every four out of five individuals, look for convenient and delicious food options. By offering food delivery services, you can provide them with the meals they want, when and where they want them.

You can team up with local restaurants and grocery stores or even cook food and deliver it to the fans. This can be a great way to make money on Super Bowl Sunday, as you can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want.

Besides this, you can 

  • Work with apps like Postmates, Uber Eats, etc
  • Sell food outside the stadium 

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4. Pet Sitting Services

You can provide dog walking, feeding, grooming, or even dog-sitting services during the weekend. 

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5. Offer Baby Sitting Services

There are so many people attend parties or go out to watch the game, so they may need someone to take care of their children. You should think about providing babysitting services during this time. 

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6. Rent Out On Airbnb

According to Smith Travel Research or STR, the average rate for hotels in Los Angeles this week (Feb 2022) is about $445 per night, and the occupancy rate will be near 90%. 

As fans flock to the host city for fun, there will be a high demand for places to stay, and renting out your property on Airbnb can be a great way to earn extra income. You can capitalize on this high demand for accommodations during the big game by renting out space in your home.

You can rent out your entire home or just a room, depending on your preference and the size of your property. You can also offer special deals and promotions to attract more guests, such as discounted rates for stays of two nights or more.

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7. Cleaning Services

Just like we said, there are so many people who throw a party or restaurants that screen a show. Both of them need help cleaning up the mess afterward. You can offer general cleaning, laundry, and even specialized cleaning like stain removal and carpet cleaning to help people enjoy a stress-free game.

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8. Sell Clear Bags

According to NFL “Fans can get….Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC…” and thats the policy for the game. 

That means fans are only allowed to bring clear bags into the stadium. This creates a demand for clear bags, which you can sell to fans attending the game. You can sell various sizes of clear bags, from small ones that can be used for personal items to larger ones. 


9. Click Photos

In today’s world, every single person wants a photo of whereveer they go. Right?

With the large crowds and festive atmosphere, many people will want to capture the memories of the event. You can offer your photography services by setting up a photo booth, roaming around the area, and taking candid shots.

You can charge for each photo or sell packages with different amounts of photo prints and digital copies. You can also sell photo merchandise such as keychains, mugs, or t-shirts with the photos as designs. 

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10. Provide parking space

According to LA Times, in 2022, “A spot in the Civic Center parking garage costs $135, while the asking price for a spot in a small parking lot about a mile from the stadium is $4,850

That is insane! 

If you live near the stadium or popular sports bars, you can rent out driveway, backyard or empty land as parking space for money. You can charge a flat fee or by the hour, depending on the location and convenience of the parking space.

You can also offer valet or shuttle services to take people to the game if the parking spot is far from the venue. 


What Have You Decided To Do During The Super Bowl To Make Money?

There you go. There are so many ways to make money during the game. So, don’t hesitate to come up with new and unique ideas to make money during the Super Bowl weekend. 

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