Everyone dreams of getting rich, but some people work hard for it while others pursue shortcuts. 

A user asked the forum, “How did that person in your class become rich?”.


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“Started online gambling sites back in the 90’s, dropped out of high school, millionaire by 20, Overdosed by 25.”


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“A girl from my hometown won an island on a Mr. Beast video. It was worth millions. She’s in the process of selling it currently. Until that money comes through, she’s just living life like normal. I imagine that must be a great place to be in, knowing most of your problems are about to disappear but not yet overly intoxicated by money.”


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“Guy that I grew up hit big with Crocs. His family moved away when I was about 6th grade, but my older brother remains friends with his older brother. I guess the guy worked selling insurance and was offered an opportunity to invest in Crocs (the weird shoes).

He went for it and got a few checks back in the $5 to 10 million range. I learned this through my brother, and I think it is true.”


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“He started studying solar technology in ’88 and now owns a solar installation company in Texas and one in California. He employs close to 200 people.

I don’t know how rich he is, but I’m really familiar with where he came from and what he overcame to do it all. The guy was constantly reading and tinkering with anything solar-related, even when we were in high school.

Edit…The main reason I knew about his interests was that from about 7th grade on through till we were seniors, we always sat side by side in every class we had together because our last names were the same, but we weren’t related.

Found a video of him live-streaming with one of his customers. He makes systems for oil pipelines & irrigation systems as well.”


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“Lecturer of mine rode the IT wave at exactly the right time and had a damn fine head for business. He was a workaholic at age 30, started a business offering remote tech support, which was a new idea at the time, signed on some super big clients who were enamored of the idea and built a giganto house from the proceeds made everyone angry.

Sold the business and then died of a heart attack at 45 or so, though. So, yeah. There can be complications.”


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“Drug dealing ring and then he got raided and was arrested and was sentenced to 15 years in prison so… you take the good with the bad, I suppose.”


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“He dropped out of high school at 15 to be a pro skateboarder. People laughed; he’s now worth 50 mil.”


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“Smart guy. A little socially awkward but was a swimmer and in top classes.

Went to UCLA and became a doctor (maybe a surgeon). Started to play the stock market for fun. Ran a bulletin board to talk stocks.

Turns out he had Asperger’s and was able to read the stock market signs really well.

Made $300M when the market crashed as he bet against it. Christian Bale played him in the movie about him, the Big Short.

Mike Burry. Class of 1989. We knew each other. Not friends but acquainted. Couldn’t be happier for the guy. Truly, happy he’s done well. Not seen him since we graduated. If I did, I’d totally (and jokingly) ask him for some cash. I’d try to make him laugh. He’d probably still be awkward.”


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“Not my close friend but a kid in my English class, a really smart kid. He entered a coding/robotics competition and got third place. He was pretty bummed out for a while. The first prize was a scholarship for a pretty big university.

The third place got a lousy 500 bitcoin. He kept the 500 bitcoin despite people telling him to cash it and get the $100 or whatever it was worth. Anyway, he cashed it at the peak of bitcoin and is now living pretty well with his $30mil.”


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“A good friend worked at an early Subway, and they helped him buy a franchise. He ended up with a dozen, sold the group, and retired.”


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“Grew up in Silicon Valley, went to good schools studying computers, started a company, sold it a few years later. Started another company, sold it later for more millions.”


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“I went to school and was friends with the guy who founded Uber. He offered to take my SATs for me for $500, as we looked alike, and he is very smart. He was always “that guy.””


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“High fashion male modeling. He was always jetting off to Europe for fashion shows during the school year. He’s now Instagram famous. It must pay well cause he lives a lavish lifestyle. He is conventionally attractive but did nothing for me (think “beautiful landscape painting”).

His average height, non-male-model best friend, on the other hand, was the most popular/desirable guy at our school. That guy had so much charisma. It’s no surprise that he went on to be an actor.

There was another male model classmate (really hot, definitely not a painting). He recently just got released from prison for dealing drugs over [redacted]. Never would’ve guessed it; the dude was so soft-spoken and vanilla.

Then again, I’m reminded of how he wanted to live largely and “be a baller.” He got his wish for a few years, that is. His mugshot was wild, and he totally got high on his own supply.

My school was by the sea in a city where everyone is obsessed with looks and having a beach body year round. The rich and famous flock there, so it’s not unusual to see insanely good-looking people on the daily.”


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“I’ve got two: one guy was extremely gifted in music. I remember my dad going to the talent show and said this guy is going to be the next Jimi Hendrix. Well, not quite, but he has performed plenty of times with Lady Gaga. His name is Ricky Tillo.

The other guy did voices in high school all the time. He would hop on the PA system and do cartoon voices. He was recently in the Mario movie as Toad General and is literally the new voice of Bugs Bunny and a ton of other popular cartoon guys. Eric Bauza.”


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“A guy in the grade above me was one of the founders of Dogecoin.”

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