Unfortunately, there are a number of companies that resort to deceptive tactics to steal people’s money.

A user asked the forum, “What’s an evil company not enough people talk about?”. Let’s read the top replies, these are shocking!


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“Brookdale, the senior care/assisted living megacorp.

Senior care in the US is terrifying, and they’re at the center of it. Abuse, neglect, grifting survivors into estate-locking deals, Brookdale is evil. Also, most of us will have to deal with them or someone like them as we’re entering our most vulnerable adult years.”


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“Pearson Vue – did none of you go to college and shell out way too much money? Or take a standardized test?”


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“The Susan G Komen Foundation (The reason pink is everywhere for breast cancer awareness) is a crooked organization that not only pockets the majority of the incoming donations but actively restricts other cancer research fundraising ventures.”


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“Lending Tree and Angie’s list are simply aggregators of personal data and have barely helped anyone find a cheaper loan or handyman.”


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“Knoa Pharma, formerly known as Purdue Pharma. They are the main character of the opioid crisis.”


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“HCA – Healthcare Corp of America

The largest for-profit hospital system in the country (world, probably).

Imagine if Walmart owned your hospital. That would be an improvement over HCA.”


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“Herbalife. Absolute trash scam ruining people’s lives.”


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“Value Village. They trick people into thinking they are a nonprofit, take donations that could be going to people who need them, and charge insane prices.”


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“PG&E. They’ve burned down California several times, killing a number of our citizens here. Then having the audacity to play money games with the families of the deceased or those who’ve lost homes.”


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“Johnson and Johnson knew they had asbestos in their baby powder and still sold their products, causing countless cases of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.”


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Established a near monopoly of academic journals. Charge scientists to publish in them (in the thousands) and also charge the public to read them (subscription also in the thousands).

Convince other scientists to review the scientific content for free (exploiting younger scientists who need to build their CVs).

Basically, putting a pay wall on the results of government tax dollar-funded research.

Don’t get me started on how major Universities deal with STEM Ph.D. students. Bringing people in as “students”, making them work 40+ hours a week in the lab, purposefully mis-classifying them as students when really they’re workers, applying for large government grants using data generated by these students, making them do all the grading for the undergrad classes, and then complain when the students are begging for 40k/year.

Instead, tell them they’re lucky that as “students,” they don’t have to pay tuition to be there. At the end of 5-7 years of this treatment, they’ll give you a PhD. SCAM.”


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“Bayer knowingly sold blood-clotting agents infected with HIV to Asia and Latin America months after withdrawing them from Europe and the US.”


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“Luxottica.Pretty much a monopoly on the vision care and product market. They own just about ALL fashion eyewear and eye care outlets. Hence the ridiculous prices.”


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They target small businesses and weaponize reviews. They encourage an entitlement culture where people are in-centivized to leave hundreds of reviews in order to become a Yelp Elite and get free items at Yelp events.

They aren’t allowed to remove customer reviews, but they use their algorithm to move selected reviews into the “not recommended” section, which essentially removes them.

They use this as a carrot-and-stick approach to initiate advertising with them and they are relentless when calling, sometimes 3-4 times a day.

If a user leaves a false review that publicly names a person by name, posts a photo of them, and even makes a legally-confirmed libelous statement about the person, Yelp may not remove the review.

Lastly, if you own a small business and don’t want to play this game and you’d like your business simply removed from their platform altogether, you can’t without a court order.

There are even more examples of their employees doing unethical and corrupt things, but these are just some of the worst.

They run a legalized extortion scheme targeting mom-and-pop small businesses. They’re scam.”

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