Most people think some side hustles are over-saturated. The idea of over-saturation prevents them from starting a side hustle. But that’s not the right approach. 

A user asked the forum, “What isn’t already over-saturated?” Here are the common responses. 


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“I always tell people to look into cottage food laws and, if possible, wholesale home-baked goods to local coffee shops. If you can come up with exciting products, especially themed items for special events and holidays, you can generate demand quickly, even in suburban or slightly rural communities.”


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“Proofreading might be great for you if your spelling and grammar are good.”


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“Have you thought about selling courses on making a Minecraft server, selling Print-On-Demand products, flipping, etc? Selling courses might be saturated, but if you can speak to teenagers, it could work out.”


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“There’s still money in flipping used books if you know how to research. That market will never be saturated.”


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“Plumber or electrician. Every time they work for two hours, it’s $300+.”


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“Walmart clearance, go check the ones around town (assuming you have a few). You can get the clearance stuff off the shelves and sell it on Amazon for its regular retail price.

I have a buddy who does this and made $80k last year as his side hustle, but we have quite a few Walmarts.

You could take the bus and buy 2-3 items. If you need starting cash, ask friends or family, or work a summer job/work the weekend at Taco Bell for a couple of months.”


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“You can make perfect money doing web development for niche markets that are not being done by low-end designers or doing sales for Software As A Service (SaaS) solutions.”


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“Consider an apprenticeship in a trade like electrical or carpentry. You can make decent money and set your hours after the paid training period. Doing repairs or upgrades in homes can be very lucrative.”


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“Dropshipping isn’t over-saturated at all. I make $200 daily for 2 hours or less of daily work.”


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“I sell ring camera/ Amazon camera install service, $200 for install with two cameras plus $50 for each additional camera.”


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“New build setups. I charge $600 for a build that I make out parts that I get cheaply. Maybe $120 to $200 in parts.”


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“You sign up as a freelance cameraman to shoot and sell video. You get a text assignment based on your location, whether you accept it or not. You shoot and upload the videos; if they are used, you get the agreed-upon amount. My first ‘assignment’ is coming up this weekend. I will check back here and let you know how it goes.”


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“Crypto. It’s hard. It’s a gatekeeper in mainstream society. It will be over-saturated when it’s easy, and everyone’s doing it. You’re still early.”


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“Selling White-Label SaaS to specific niches.”


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“Writing and mowing lawns are the only things that come to mind. Writing simply because if you make a good book/get a following, it will earn you money.”


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“I’d suggest getting into a trade, even if it’s just helping out a small contractor. They’ll have you move lumber and stuff all day, so it’ll be hard work, but it’s easy money.”


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“Selling cemetery plots. I only suggest that because the thread has given every other suggestion.”


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“You need skills. Start doing landscaping or power washing or something. I made $400 in 2 hours before doing simple landscaping.”


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“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing are not as saturated as other trendy side hustles.”


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“Handyman services. If you can do some basic stuff, people will pay. No one is taking small jobs for people. If you can install a door, sink, garbage disposal, etc., you will have work for the foreseeable future.”

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