Is there someone from history you wish would’ve been alive today and taken the lead in politics, or maybe, become the President of the United States? If this made you think of someone, don’t forget to share it with us!

An internet user recently asked the forum, Who in history would you like to be the President of the US? No stipulations, anybody from all of history. Who do you think would make a good president in today’s climate? We’ve listed the top twelve responses for you below: 


Teddy Roosevelt

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“Love to have Teddy Roosevelt come in and break up all the monopolies and trusts (and probably Wall Street).  

You’d of course, have to sit him down and explain that killing people of a slightly browner hue is not an acceptable recreational activity.”


Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

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Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus ( c. 519 – c. 430 BC), a Roman patrician, statesman, and military leader.

“Cincinnatus, a Roman leader, and a farmer. Be a farmer > become a dictator, the most powerful Roman overnight > solve the crisis by obliterating enemies > give up all power immediately, and return to farming.

His political ideas might not relate very well to modern days, but at this point, America just needs someone who is incorruptible and not power hungry like the rest of them.”


Mr. Rogers 

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“The only answer is Mr. Rogers, an American television host. Someone said, “Dolly”, another smart choice.” Said one.


Dolly Parton 

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“That would truly make it a wonderful day in the neighborhood.” Another added. 


Frederick Douglass

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“Frederick Douglass, American social reformer and an abolitionist. Dude gave zero damn, would just get stuff done.” Said one. 

“He was actually a vice presidential candidate at one point! Apparently, not to his knowledge!” Another added. 


John Brown

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“Happy birthday to John Brown, he’d be one of my choices.” Said one. “This is probably the only good answer in the thread.” Another added. 


Marcus Aurelius

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“Assuming he wouldn’t get assassinated, that man would change the world.” Said one. 

“So long as he does not bring Commodus with him.” Another added. 


Dwight D. Eisenhower

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“Eisenhower. I would love to see him on a debate stage with the current crop of candidates. He would help a lot of people realize just how crappy the current bunch is.” Said one. 

” A truly underrated president. He had to resign as a 5-star general when he won POTUS, but after he was out of the White House, he petitioned to get his 5 stars back. But a very good statesman and an all-around good human.” Another added. 


Ben Franklin

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“The British spy?! Totally good dude. One of the many original abolitionists among the founding fathers of the US.”


Jon Stewart

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“Man’s got a great moral compass, a good understanding of how politics work, and zero tolerance for unnecessary crap. He’s got my vote.” Said one. 

“Great choice. What would things be like over there if you put a good man in the White House? The right would lose their minds completely though.” Another replied. 


Abraham Lincoln

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“Lincoln was the best leader in American history IMO. His one major fault was picking a vice president who didn’t really align with him politically. 

Lincoln chose Andrew Johnson because he feared he’d lose the election without Southern support. Johnson turned out to be a terrible president after Lincoln’s assassination. The guy was totally incompetent. 

I firmly believe the country would be in a much better place today if Lincoln picked a better vice president or if he hadn’t been assassinated, to begin with.”


Robin Williams

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“Robin Williams. We need some healing, and everyone liked him!” Said one. 

“I love that idea, but his State of the Union address would probably be hours, maybe days long.” Another added. 


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