Not everything will work in the end just because you’re putting some “hard work” into it. Sometimes, we encounter situations that aren’t precisely worth working hard for, and there’s no way we should go about them otherwise. 

What are some things that just aren’t worth working hard for? Internet responds to top 10 answers: 


1. One-Sided Relationships (Both Personal & Professional)

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“One-way relationships and companies that don’t value you.”


2. Luxury

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“Luxury in general. Buying a house will go a long way toward making you happy. Buying a second home is not going to make you twice as happy. At some point you should realize that you are trading the finite amount of time you have to be alive for a paycheck. And more money equals more work equals less time for you to enjoy your life.”

“Even with a single house, bigger/more expensive =/= better. The best thing I ever did was sell and move out of my gated community into a house I could easily afford in a neighborhood with no HOA. Its not the nicest house or neighborhood, but it has some things like a pool and a newly remodeled kitchen. I can afford it so much more. Paying 10% of your income toward a home instead of 35% is a game changer.”


3. External Validation 

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“Getting people to like you. Be yourself (but not a jerk). Not everyone is going to love you, and that’s OK.”

“External Validation. You’ll achieve some of it during your life and notice it isn’t worth anything.”


4. Working Hard For A Big Company

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“Absolutely pointless to break your back for something that’ll drop you the moment it suits them. Jobs are a marathon, not a sprint.”


5. Love & Respect 

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“Love, if you gotta force it, then it isn’t love.”

“Respect, anyone that thinks respect is earned, is not worth earning it from.”


6. Working Hard At A Dead-End Job

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“I had some “friends” tell me that they work harder in their minimum wage job than in my office job and that I should be paid less.  I agree with the hard work part, but I went to school for five years to get an office job while working min wage jobs and internships while they just worked “hard” in their min wage job during those five years.  Put me in a position not to work those crappy jobs anymore. So wasting your time working “hard” at a dead-end job is a waste of time in”” 


7. Constantly Chasing A Woman 

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“Constantly pursuing a woman. She isn’t attracted to you if she isn’t making yourself available for you without making you work hard. Let her go and move on to finding someone else. You can’t always have what you want.”


8. Designer Clothing 

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“Some of it is so beautiful and well made, but if it advertises the brand, it’s worth zero. You’re paying the company to advertise.”


9. Becoming A Marriage-Worthy Man 

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“Marriage. Working hard to become a man a woman would want to marry is not worth it. Only 13% of marriages are described by spouses as “happy,” and a bad marriage or a divorce will ruin your life. Working hard to have most of everything I’ve worked for, my kids, and my future labor taken from me makes zero sense.”


10. Being Incredibly Fit

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“Being incredibly fit. Most people are a lot happier with being just fit, and not fixation levels of shredded.

Going from eating right and training five days a week to weigh everything you put in your mouth and passing up on life to be in the gym feels like way too much of a sacrifice.”


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