Homophobia is a spectrum, so there is no one definitive answer to the question of how homophobic it is to get annoyed when your boyfriend watches the Barbie movie with his gay brother.

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for taking my brother to see the Barbie movie?”. We need to hear your views!


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The Original Poster, OP (26m) has a younger brother (20m) who he’s really close with. He really wanted to see the Barbie movie.

He’s been sad lately after breaking up with his boyfriend, so OP offered to take him to see the movie with him and OP even offered to wear pink with him and dress up.

The Movie Night

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OP’s brother seemed excited about it, and they went last night. He had a perfect time and they took a picture.

OP’s Girlfriend’s Reaction

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OP was showing his girlfriend and she started saying how OP embarrassed her by doing that and if people who know OP’s brother see the picture, they’re going to think they’re dating and some other stuff and she left the house. Now she’s not talking to OP.

What Does OP Say?

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“I’m really confused. I was trying to do something nice for my brother but this is making me wonder if I did something wrong.”, says OP

OP wants to know if he is a jerk.

You Were Just Being A Good Brother

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“Not the jerk – You were being a good brother. Your GF is either immature, homophobic, or both. You did nothing wrong here, and I’m sure your brother appreciates you spending time with him and being supportive in a time when he was down.

If your GF won’t talk to you because you were being a supportive brother then good riddance honestly.”

She’s Overreacting For Sure

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“You did nothing wrong. It’s very kind of you to cheer up your brother like this! She’s overreacting for sure.”

She’s Got a Toxic Mentality

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“She’s afraid that someone will see you at the pink sparkly movie with a gay man and assume that you’re gay. Because she sees being assumed gay or feminine as a bad thing.

Think about whether or not she’s a safe person for your brother to be around. Also think about whether you want to be limited by her narrow idea of masculinity.

Too bad you didn’t take her along, though. It sounds like she needed to see Barbie’s take on gender roles more than anyone.”

Let Her Be Embarrassed

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“Not the jerk. Sounds more like she’s projecting her own thoughts of masculinity onto you. If you being a good brother embarrasses her, let her be embarrassed.”

Who Cares What Other People Think?

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“Your girlfriend has some serious issues. Who cares what other people think? I bet her problem isn’t even that people might think you’re cheating on her. I think she’s more worried that other people may think that her boyfriend is actually gay.

It’s a good thing she left. Don’t let her in again. Enjoy your life with your brother! Good for you for being there for him!”

That’s Quite Weird

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“Not the jerk. You know that’s your brother, she knows that’s your brother. What a weird thing for her to be upset about.”

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