Whether children or adults, we can have an attachment with the room we grow up in. You would think it is something everyone understands, but may be not. 

A Redditor took to the am I the a..hole forum and asked, “Am I wrong for demolishing my daughter’s room after she moved out?”



Original Poster’s (OP) 18-year-old daughter, Meg, who is currently in college, recently moved in with her boyfriend, leaving her old bedroom unoccupied. As a result, OP decided to convert the room into a new space.

Her bedroom used to be right next to the tiny living room. To make the small living room a standard-sized one, OP knocked out her daughter’s room’s wall, refloored the space, and fixed the walls. It looked like the bedroom was never there, and they had a spacious living room.

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What Happened Next?

Upon returning home for a visit, Meg noticed that her bedroom was no longer there and reacted strongly to the change. She became emotional and accused OP of not wanting her to move back home by completely demolishing her room without any warning.

OP reassured Meg that if anything were to happen and she needed to move back home, she would be welcomed back and allowed to sleep on the couch for as long as necessary. However, Meg accused OP of wanting to permanently get rid of her and not wanting her to visit since she had removed her room so quickly, only a few months after moving out. Meg also argued that OP should have waited longer before changing her old room.

OP asks, “Am I wrong for not waiting longer with the renovation?” 

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What Do Others Think?

Redditors tagged her as a..hole.

“My dad and stepmom did this to me in college. The day I left, the room was converted to a guest room without warning, and I took it as my sign to go as soon as college was done. Now they wonder why I don’t call often. YTA.” said one.

“YTA. Is it that hard to talk with your kid before doing something drastic? Not even a warning? That’s cold.” another said.

“When my kids moved out, I asked if they were coming back and then if I could use their room. If OP didn’t do that first, her daughter would feel like she’s been kicked out! She’s only 18, and OP just removed her safety net. YTA.” another added.

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The family tried to reassure their daughter that she was welcome to return home, but tension remained. What do you think? Should parents be allowed to repurpose their children’s rooms or wait longer? Share your thoughts.

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