Although he loves his son and takes care of him on weekends, his ex-wife is angry that he won’t take a week off to be with him.  A user asked the forum, Am I a jerk for returning to work right after my child was born?


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The original poster (OP ) and his ex had a child this Sunday. They broke up before they knew that she was pregnant.

The weekend OP’s child was born was long, and OP returned to work on Tuesday. OP says he was with her in the hospital from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning, doing whatever he could to help her.


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OP’s ex was mad at him because she said that OP should have taken the week off to help out with the baby and that she felt unsupported. OP’s ex also says that she can’t have a shower, make breakfast, etc., because she has to look after the baby.


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OP says that she is also staying at her parent’s house so she isn’t alone all day.


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OP also added that he couldn’t take any time off because he had just started a new job in January, and at the time, he didn’t know if he would be involved in his child’s life. OP states that he couldn’t organize any time off as it got to the point where the birth date got too close.


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Also, OP’s ex is taking a year off with half pay, in which she says she’ll only get $20,000, so OP needs to keep his job and keep working to support his child financially.


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OP says that he helped out when he returned from work with whatever he could, and he also helped her before going to work.

OP says that the baby is feeding for almost the whole night, and his ex is exhausted.


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“If you were a couple, you would be. But you’re not, so I don’t see anything wrong with it.”


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“She has her parents; she is not alone with the kid… he has responsibilities, has a mouth to feed now that the baby is in the picture, and the mother is taking one year off work.”


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“A lot of jobs require you to work X amount of time before you get leave/vacation. If she is going to take a year off, you have to work to get the child the things it needs. Can her parents not watch the baby for a few minutes so she can shower or grab some food? Sure, it would be great if you could take some time off, but many companies in the US don’t have paid parental leave, and you don’t qualify for FMLA yet.”

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