A user asked, Am I wrong for yelling at my gf to stop eating everything?


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The Original Poster (OP)  got laid off about six months ago. She has been unemployed ever since. This means money is tight, and OP covers our rent, utilities, groceries, etc. Everything except for her car payment and gas money.

What Is OP’s Problem?

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OP’s problem is that his girlfriend keeps eating all of their food. They run out of food money before his paycheck comes in.

She’ll eat everything she wants and leave OP with plain crackers or lettuce.


Even The Labelled Stuff

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Even stuff OP has specifically labeled or said he wants. The cupboards will be bare, and he will have to skip meals three days before his next paycheck because she’s eaten everything.

She’s probably gained nearly thirty pounds since she was let go.


What Happens When He Comes Home?

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OP came home from work for lunch the other day and brought them a Subway sandwich. OP only ate half of his, so he popped it in the fridge and told her he would have it for dinner.

When OP got off work and went to get it, she’d already eaten it.


What Happens Next?

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It got out of hand when OP bought some cupcakes to give to his sister(17f) for her birthday and some pomegranate juice that OP loves but can’t often have because it’s a little bit expensive.

He put them in the fridge, told her not to touch them, and both were gone. Only one cupcake was left out of a box of four full-sized ones, and the juice was all gone.


What Did OP Do?

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OP lost it. He screamed at her to stop eating everything he had bought.

He says, “We’ve had this conversation before or tried to in a polite way, but she shuts me down and denies it. She says she’s hungry and stressed from being unemployed and can’t help it. I yelled at her and told her it was disgusting that I couldn’t leave food in my home. She started crying and telling me I was “fat shaming her.”

OP wants to know if he is a jerk.


What Others Think

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“They sell fridge lockboxes, and if she can’t be trusted to leave your food in peace, then maybe it has to be locked away from her. It’s not fat shaming to tell someone to stop behaving as if they are 3/4 locust. You are not wrong.”


It is Insane

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“She ate a birthday gift for your sister, and you’ve had to go without meals 100% , not wrong.”


She Needs Help

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“You’re not wrong, OP, but it seems like your partner is going through a lot emotionally and has turned to food for comfort. If she can’t stop herself from eating your dinner or your sister’s bday cupcakes, this is much more than her just being inconsiderate. This sounds like a food addiction of some kind, and she likely needs professional help.”


She Just Needs To Get A Job

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“Not wrong. This whole situation stinks. The job doesn’t have to be “right”. She has to make it work for right now while she looks for something better.”


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