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 A user asked, Am I wrong for not serving my husband leftovers? We want to hear from you.


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The Original Poster (OP) has been off for four days. So she finally had a chance to do some spring cleaning. OP deep-cleaned the whole house. Yes, this did take all four days.

What Does OP Say

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OP says, “I did bathrooms, fans, oiled wood tables, opened and cleaned windows. My husband sees I am off, and I have had to serve him every meal since I am home. Ninety percent of the time, I don’t mind.”

What Happened Yesterday?

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Yesterday, OP was tired and making steaks for dinner, so OP didn’t feel like making a breakfast omelet. He got upset, and OP ended up making both breakfast and dinner.

Since OP didn’t want to fight but he said OP did make a face.

What Happened After Dinner?

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After dinner last night, OP packed up leftovers and clarified that she would not be making ANYTHING tomorrow. Everyone agreed since OP worked today.

When OP’s husband got off work this morning, OP served him something quick to eat. OP says, “I have a hotel booked for this weekend for us. I was trying on clothing and packing.”

OP’s Husband Asked To Heat His Leftovers

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OP’s husband asked to heat his leftovers. She said, “I told you yesterday I wasn’t making anything today.” He responded with, “You are going to make a problem over heating something on my birthday month.”

OP Responded

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OP responded with, ” I am tired, and explained yesterday you keep making problems with me over food” He turned it around and said, “No, you are making problems over food. You don’t want to serve me anything anymore. Cancel the reservation. I’m not going anywhere. Thanks for ruining my birthday month!”

OP says, “Now I did heat the leftovers, which he refused to eat. And the reservation is too late to cancel, so now I’m out money too.”

OP wants to know if she is wrong. Here is what others think:

Absolutely A Jerk

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“His birthday month? What the absolute freak? Hon, it sounds like you have a job, yet you are also in charge of all household chores AND all food preparation.

And your husband can’t heat his leftovers? Are his arms broken? And then refusing to eat the food when you made it for him? He’s straight-up abusive.

This relationship is wildly unbalanced. You need to get into individual therapy and deprogram from this being anywhere near normal. It’s not.”

You Deserve Better

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“OP, your post history is heartbreaking. Please leave this selfish man. You deserve so much better.”

He Is Manipulating

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“OP, what is your husband bringing to the relationship besides abuse, manipulation, and rage? Tell him to pack his toys and get out of the house you are paying for alone.

I hope you can find the strength to do what you know you need to do.”

Leave Him ALready

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“Have a very serious think about dumping him very quickly. He offers you nothing in your relationship. It’s all one-way traffic. Maybe look around at leisure and see if there’s anything available you would consider without him. You deserve someone who appreciates you.” 

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