Taking money from a family member without their consent is a betrayal of trust that can severely damage the relationship.

A user asked the forum,  Am I wrong if I charged my sister with a felony?


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The original poster ( OP ) had a small grant come in the mail for about $3500. OP had never received it and became confused about where the check was at.

The college finance dept. old OP it was cashed back in April and the bank’s name.


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Some time passed, and OP found out his sister had written down his social security number on the back of the check, forged his signature, and told the banker OP allowed her to cash the check, So she never needed to provide an ID either. 

The banker allowed it, and my sister never said a word.


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OP’s sister was arrested recently, so now OP’s mom and grandma are saying she will be in serious trouble if OP doesn’t drop the charges and also said that OP shouldn’t do that to his sister.

What Does OP Want To Know

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OP questions if he would be a jerk if he charged her and made her go to prison. 


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“Your sister shouldn’t have stolen if she wasn’t willing to go to jail. You should have the option to file a case against the bank as well, by the way – they almost certainly violated financial laws to cash that check for her. Because of that, you may be able to get them to replace the money, which will doubtless be faster than getting restitution from your sister.”


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“If your sister can steal from her own sibling, what will she do to anybody else should the chance ever present itself? She has to learn about the implications of her actions, which could benefit her in the long run.”


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“People like this steal from families specifically because they think families won’t press charges. They’d never dream of doing the same thing to a stranger who would make them face the consequences.”


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“And can we also talk about why/ how your sister is social? She has everything she needs for identity theft. I would double-check your credit and make sure she hasn’t been applying for credit cards in your name or anything.

I would also make sure she didn’t get a hand on any of your gma’s info. She’s shown she’s willing to steal from the people closest to her, so exploiting their info isn’t a stretch.”

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