Becoming a teenager involves taking responsibility for one’s own life, making decisions, and learning to rely on oneself.

It can mean learning to manage finances, finding a job, setting goals, and developing strong relationships with friends and family. As a teenager, it’s important to take small steps towards independence and seek support and guidance from trusted adults.

But, what happens when you feel the “trusted” adults are not supportive? An 18-year-old teen took to the Am I The A…Hole (AITA) Reddit and asked, “AITA for refusing to get a job and pay rent at my parent’s house?”

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We want you to tell us what you think. 


Here Is The Backstory:

The Original Poster (OP) turned 18 years old 3 days ago. On his birthday, OP’s stepdad told him to start paying rent to “live in his house.” OP mentions that his stepdad is entirely Christian and conservative. 

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The OP says he doesn’t expect to live rent-free forever, but he knows that his stepdad is coming from a spiteful place. OP’s stepdad and mom have 2 kids in 9 years of marriage. The OP is not a biological son to the stepdad and is a clear reminder that his wife was divorced and not a virgin when they married. 

He adds, “I’m being treated like a guest, and my mom is allowing it because she thinks highly of him. He doesn’t need my money to pay rent, plus I don’t have much, and he wants £100 per month. We still have lots of time for this, but I bet his kids won’t pay rent while they’re in school.”

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Original Poster’s Intentions and What Happened?

OP’s A-level (U.K.) exams start mid-April and last until July. He is doing STEM subjects and hoping to fulfill his offer for a medicine course at a good university. He also adds that he is aiming for a straight A, which will require a lot of studying, and if he gets a job, it will be challenging to maintain that level of study.

The OP says he is moving out in September to attend university, and the student loan is 100% his responsibility. His parents won’t be financing anything.

He says, “it honestly just feels vindictive, and it’s not like I’m unproductive. I’m trying to save the money I had left from my last job for when I move out, and paying my stepdad £800 when he doesn’t need it feels spiteful and like he’s punishing me and making my life harder for being born.”

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What Original Poster Decides To Do?

OP’s aunt (mom’s sister) isn’t fond of his stepdad, told he’s being ridiculous, and asked him to live with her instead. Aunt’s home is an hour away, but the OP’s school is in the middle. She offered the guest room for free, so I could save money for his university. The OP took up the offer as it benefits him. 

The OP’s mother keeps crying that I am leaving; hence, his stepdad is annoyed. The stepdad and the OP got into an argument where the former clarified that he’s like a tenant to prepare me for the real world.

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The OP asked, “do tenants not have the right to leave?” which annoyed him further. My stepdad says I’m hurting my mother and taking resources from my aunt because I’m “too entitled” to pay rent. This is just what’s best for me. I said I’d visit. Am I in the wrong?”

Was OP right to not take up a job? Was it inappropriate for OP to take on his aunt’s offer and stay with her? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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