What would you do if someone denied considering “babysitting” as a job? Well, we’re here to share with you a weird but hilarious incident along similar lines! 

An internet user asked, Am I a jerk for babysitting my friend’s kid and refusing to leave when his girlfriend asked me to? We need you to answer.



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OP (22F) has a friend (25M) who asked her to look after his son (4M) for a couple of hours. He said he’d pay her €10/hour so she accepted. 

While babysitting his son, his girlfriend (25F) came over and was surprised to see OP. She asked what OP was doing there, and OP told her she was there to watch his son.


What Happened Next?

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His girlfriend then asked OP if it was a last-minute thing because his mother canceled. 

OP says, “I said no, he asked me about a week ago, but I don’t know if he previously asked his mom. She said that’s impossible because not even two days ago he told her his mother was watching his son. So I was like well the only thing I know is that he asked me to babysit, said he’d pay me so I accepted.”


What Did The Girlfriend Do

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His girlfriend got mad and asked OP if something was between her and her boyfriend. 

OP denied it, and repeated that she was only here to babysit, and that’s it. 


Did OP Leave The Place?

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As OP further narrates the incident, she says “She said that since I knew he was in a relationship, I should’ve declined. So I said like, “Listen, I’m sorry he lied to you, but I’m only here to get paid.”

She said that nobody accepts looking over somebody else’s kid only to get paid. I said um, yes, people who want to get paid do. She said that I was playing with her, that if I respected their relationship, I’d leave.”

OP refused. She told her if she was so mad, then she could call her bf and demand an explanation, but she was staying here to do what she was paid to do. His girlfriend left, and OP didn’t hear from her again until recently.


What Did His Girlfriend Do Recently?

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Recently, his girlfriend texted OP demanding that she would never babysit for her boyfriend again and that he agreed with her on it. 

OP says, “I didn’t reply because I don’t care; I’m not even that close to the guy, and as I said, I only wanted to get paid. I was paid, and that’s it.

But when I talked about it to my mom and sister, they said that I should’ve left when she asked me to avoid any drama between them. I said that’s not my problem. I got asked to watch over a kid, and I accepted. If her boyfriend decided to lie to her about it, it was not my fault.”

But now, OP’s not really sure, and she wanna know, is she a jerk for babysitting her friend’s kid and refusing to leave when his gf asked her to?


Some More Context 

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OP later edited and added some more info regarding the incident. 

Edit 1: “I texted him about what she sent me to ensure he knew. I’m currently waiting on an answer.”

Edit 2: “He saw but didn’t reply, I tried another text, but i doubt it’ll work either so I guess that’s it”

Edit 3: “Because I saw that it confused a few people, she is not the mother, just his girlfriend.”

Edit 4: “Long story short: He apologized for what happened with his gf, said he lied because he knew she would’ve been jealous. He confirmed he knew about the text and did agree with it. I said okay, told him to lose my number and that his gf should do the same. I hung up. That’s it.”



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“Imagine being so insecure in your relationship that you deny the existence of *babysitters*.” Said one. 

“”Nobody watches someone else’s kid just to get paid”… like, my sister in Christ, that’s literally a job description.” Another added. 


OP, You Did The Right Thing 

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“There’s a reason why the BF didn’t just ask the girlfriend to watch the kid. Clearly, she was available, so there must have been a legitimate reason he felt she wasn’t capable of watching him. You were paid to be there and not by the girlfriend, so you didn’t have to listen to her request to leave,” Said one. 

“RIGHT. My immediate thought. I could have never left.  She doesn’t know this woman. OP is responsible for this child.  I would not be leaving him with a random woman who I wasn’t even warned “might be popping by” while I was scheduled to babysit. You want me gone? Call bf and hand me the phone.” Another added. 


She’s Too Funny 

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“Not a jerk, and it made me laugh. She thought there was something between you two because you were babysitting and not his mother? While he WAS NOT there? She’s so ridiculous and so is her boyfriend for agreeing with her. LOL,”” Said one. 

“Yeah if he was cheating with OP, at his house watching his kid without him is the *last* place I’d expect her to be!” Another added.  


You Were Just Being Responsible 

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“Your agreement was with him, and you accepted responsibility. She isn’t a parent, and leaving could have been considered child endangerment. Her personal feelings about another woman shouldn’t affect your responsibility towards the child.”


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