The Internet, at times, can be scary as hell. But, here are the scariest thing people have come across on YouTube or on the internet? Below are the top ten “creepiest” responses! 


Anthonette Cayedito 911 Call 

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“The Anthonette Cayedito 911 call!! She was kidnapped from her home in the 80’s at age 9, and there was a phone call from a girl to the police claiming to be her, and a voice in the background yells “Who said you could use the phone!” Before she screams. 

A girl that looked like her was also seen at a diner, she kept dropping her fork and grabbing the waitress. A note was found on a napkin that said “help me” and “call the police”. It’s so sad and terrifying.” Said one. 

“The saddest part is she tried everything everybody says to do and she still wasn’t helped” another added. 


Russian Brick Video 

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“Russian Brick Video. A guy is driving down the highway with his wife in the passenger seat. In front of them is a truck carrying a load of bricks. At some point one of the bricks falls off and smashes through the windshield into the wife’s face.

This is dashcam footage so you can’t see the aftermath. But the combination of the husband’s blood curdling scream and the still shot of the broken windshield is absolutely horrifying. That video has been stuck in my mind for a long time now, I hate it.” Said one. 

“That one is so awful. It’s terrifying that you can be driving with your loved one one second, and the next they’re dead next to you. I’ll never forget that poor man’s screams”, another added.  


Fabric Rolling Machine Incident 

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“Some guy got caught in a fabric rolling machine. His feet and legs were slamming the ground at a high rate of speed. Just turned everything that hit the ground into manburger. Probably died of shock. Who knows” said one. 

“Yup, I remember that one; there was a co-worker not far away just standing there watching for a few minutes before finally hitting the emergency shut-down button. By that time it was far too late.” Another added. 


Station Nightclub Fire Video 

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“Station nightclub fire video. I can’t go anywhere with indoor since seeing it.” Said one. 

“It is horrifying how fast it happened. The first people to exit are casually walking out, with their drinks, still talking with each other.  Three minutes later, people are screaming with terror and dying.” Another added. 


The War Footage 

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“Helmet cam footage from a war. During an attack soldiers got flanked, the camera guy gets shot pretty bad and hears his mates dying in the background, then there’s footsteps, a guy comes close and says: oh a camera, nice!

He grabs it and walks off while filming the trenches with the bodies in there. He yells at his mate; We got them all, I’ve found a camera and it’s still recording. They both rejoice. Coldest thing.” Said one. 


2 Guys & 1 Hammer 

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“Probably 2 guys with 1 hammer? I don’t totally remember what it’s called but it was of some dudes (maybe teens) in Ukraine killing a man by some train tracks with a hammer. That was the video where I thought “I’m done watching screwed up videos on the internet”” Said one. 

“This one is so hard. And the guy getting killed had survived cancer and didn’t have a voice because of that.. so he couldnt scream. That video messed me up” replied another. 


Cousin’s Suicide 

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“Back in 2015 I had a cousin gone missing, and because of his behaviour prior to that (resentment towards society and suicidal thoughts), his father suspected he was planning in put an end to his life. 

So by the fourth day after he went missing, I was in school checking my WhatsApp and in a random neighborhood group someone sent pictures of a random dude who jumped from a telephone tower near our house. I’m not into gore, but unfortunately my phone was configured to auto-download photos and when I opened my camera roll I saw my cousin dead with his neck broken. It was awful.

Ten seconds after I saw the photos, my father calls me to give the news and warn me that people were sharing the photos online, but by that time it was too late.”


The Guy Getting His Throat Slashed 

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“Footage of a guy getting his throat slashed in a mall (don’t quote me on this) somewhere in Australia. The stabbed guy stands there with his hands on his throat for a few seconds and when he lets go there is so. much. blood coming out of his neck.

Like all of it at once just gushes out. He falls to the floor and that’s it. I was not expecting that at all and I’m pretty sure he died almost instantly. Ugh.”


The Axe Murderer 

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“The video of the dude that casually gets an axe and smacks another dude in the head with it.” Said one. 

“That video sticks with me because there were comments on the thread saying the woman needed to calm down and stop screaming. Like she just walked into her child with an axe in their head. Come on. People here can be heartless.” Another added. 


Jonestown Cult Killing Audio Tape

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“The audio tape recording of Jonestown cult killing. It has this church music playing backwards that bleeds through from the other side of the tape while you’re hearing these people being killed. If anything is haunted and cursed, it is that tape.”

“The babies crying.  And then you notice the noise has died down and all you hear is that church music, distant wailing and Jones on the microphone telling them to go through with it.  I listened to the whole thing just sobbing.  The pictures really put it together too.” Another added. 


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