Personal preferences are a given, but some reasons for dismissing potential partners border on superficiality. A user asked the forum, “What is the pettiest reason you wouldn’t date somebody?”. Here are some responses he got!


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“His mouth was shaped like a trapezoid when he talked. Couldn’t unsee it anymore.”


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“Not me, but I had a friend who wouldn’t date this guy because he had one crooked tooth. He was the nicest guy, indeed a wonderful person. I would’ve dated this guy if I hadn’t been in a serious relationship.

Fast forward, he meets a wonderful woman, and they get married. My friend was all weird about it. I asked why, and she said, “Well, I thought he liked me enough to get his twisted tooth fixed.”

It was the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.”


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“I briefly dated a young woman who was insanely out of my league. People stared when we went out. Her voice was like Minnie Mouse, and I couldn’t ignore it. I still feel bad about that one.”


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“Because her eye was twitching while we were talking to each other. I was a dumb freshman in college. This girl was super attractive and intelligent, and we got along incredible. This made me want to not talk to her again for some unfathomable reason.

Later, it dawned on me that it was during finals, and she was heavily caffeinated, which can be a side effect.”


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“Wasn’t me, but a female friend broke up with a guy because “his allergies were a sign of weakness.

“Yeah, I responded the same way you did.”


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“If a woman has a horse in her dating profile, you will never be more important than that horse.”


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“They shared the same name as someone I don’t like.”


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“He wore the same shirt on both of our dates.

Get this: years later, I get into the elevator at work, and he’s there IN THE SAME SHIRT.”


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“He slept in those tiny no-show socks. He didn’t wear them any other time than when he went to bed. There were some other, more real, red flags, but when I saw him whip them out and put them on the second time we slept together, I legitimately thought to myself: “Actually, I don’t think I can fix this one.”


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“She wore fake glasses with no lenses, and that just seemed like a gigantic red flag.”


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“My cat said hello to her, and she didn’t say hi back.”


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“They slurp when they drink or smack when they eat.”


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“If they’re into conspiracy theories. I dated a guy who was, and it consumed his life. It’s all he talked about. I couldn’t even watch a movie with him because he would talk through the whole thing about how it relates to specific conspiracy theories.

Also, I could never enjoy my food. We would make a big dinner on Friday nights to start the weekend. We both had a long day at work.. we’d sit down to finally eat, and he’d pull out his phone and put on conspiracy videos.

He’d make me watch them so loudly while I ate. And he’d talk through all of them, too. I could never tell him I wasn’t interested or wanted to eat because he’d get mad. It ruined my whole meal.”


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“I have a friend who stopped dating someone because he found out they were lactose intolerant.

His example of why was, what if I taste a great dessert, and I want to share the experience with her, and she can’t even taste it.”


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“Someone who has to record everything & post everything daily on social media.”

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