Every year, a few movies have the potential to be truly great. They have all the ingredients: a talented cast, a compelling story, and stunning visuals. But for some reason, they don’t quite stick the landing.

An internet user asked, “What movie had a 10/10 concept and a 3/10 execution?”. Below are the best responses!

Jupiter Ascending 

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“Jupiter Ascending. Seemed like a pretty great concept but that movie was just awful. I think it could’ve made a fantastic Netflix/HBO series.” 


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“This was my immediate thought. The beginning of the movie and end of the movie didn’t even feel like it was the movie. Great idea, terrible after about 30 minutes in. I’ve never seen a movie plot change so drastically.” 


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“Recently 65(Million) starring Adam Driver. 

I went in, not expecting high art or anything. But if you explain the premise, “Sci-Fi spaceman Adam Driver goes to prehistoric earth with a space gun and fights dinosaurs.” I would GUARANTEE the movie would be a blast to watch. 

It was not a blast to watch. They somehow made that movie boring. Incredibly boring. They gave the only two humans a language barrier. It was awful.” 


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“Eragon. All they had to do was follow the books.”, said one. 

“That movie hurt my soul, I grew up reading that series as it came out after being gifted the first book, I still have the magazine article they gave me inside the book about how Paolini got his first sale via arm wrestling someone.

How little of the books they followed was beyond painful, and I’ve long since disavowed that film as having anything to do with the series, I refuse to acknowledge its connection to the books.”,  another added. 

In Time

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“In Time starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.”, said one.

“I feel like that movie would’ve been better served as being a 7-8 episode mini-series to flesh out the environment to what could’ve been an interesting story.

With a couple of additional side characters and more time to properly flesh out the minutemen and/or timekeepers- even if it were to only allow more screen time for Cillian Murphy.”, another added.” 

Cowboys And Aliens

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“Cowboys and Aliens. Better than 3/10 in my book but yeah, great concept and not-so-great execution. Someone should try again.”, said one user. 

“I forgot I even saw that movie. I watched it on an airplane. Promised overturn-the-toy-box fun, delivered pure mediocrity.”, another added. 


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“I always thought Passengers would’ve been a much better movie if it was revealed that Chris Pratt’s character had woken up Jennifer Lawrence’s character at the end as a twist.” 


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“Bright. Conceptually, it sounded amazing and my friends and I were excited to watch the new Netflix offering.

Turns out it was a movie and not a TV show. There was so much potential for fascinating world-building that simply could not be done in two hours.” 

Suicide Squad

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“Suicide Squad hands down. Great concept, but the execution was like letting Joker design your prison tattoo.” 

The Purge Franchise

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“Yes. Great concept but why focus only on murder? If purge day happened in real life, I doubt murder would be the number one crime. Imagine most crimes would be burglary or molestation related.” 

Ender’s Game

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“Ender’s game. I loved the book as a kid. I absolutely hated the movie.” Said one. 

“I answered that immediately and knew if I scrolled it would probably be here. Fantastic source material, garbage execution.  

Wish someone (looking at you, Nolan) would do it again and make it good.  Even a show would work well.” Another added. 

Attack of the Clones

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“Attack of the Clones. If it had better dialogue and fleshed out Dooku’s motivations better, it would be a great movie. I still think it was higher than 3/10, though.”, said one. 

“Yeah, easily the worst of the prequels. Trash storytelling, trash dialogue and no direction.”, another added. 


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“Pixels. Are aliens attacking the planet using classic arcade games? So much promise.” Avatar the Last Airbender

“Avatar the Last Airbender. Still sad about that one. Nicola Peltz was a nepotism hire because her dad was in the biz.”, said one. 

“I was beyond excited then disappointed for this movie.”, another added. 


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“Prometheus: the idea of exploring extraterrestrial space and humanity’s origin was brilliant, but the execution fell flat.”, said one. 

“Absolutely.  The fact that the best scenes (in my opinion) are deleted scenes is just painful. Without them, the film loses so much intrigue and structure.”, another added. 

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