Their words were like a sudden downpour, drenching the lively conversation and leaving me yearning for an escape.

We’re talking about those annoying words or phrases that can make you dislike someone in a heartbeat.

A user recently asked on the internet, What words/phrases do you hear someone say and immediately know you’re probably not going to like the person? The responses will blow your mind!

“People Don’t Like Me Because I Tell It Like It Is”

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“And naturally they hate it when anyone dares to tell them how it is in kind. Very thin-skinned, these “blunt” folk!” Said one. 

“They’re always just jerks who are cruel and like to give unsolicited harsh opinions that don’t benefit the other person.” Another added.

“I’m Brutally Honest”

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“No Sarah, you’re just a jerk.” Said one. 

“In other words, “I’m going to say the harshest and most offensive thing that comes to my mind and accept zero responsibility for how it lands.” Another added.

“No Offense, But…”

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“No offense, but…”, just before saying the most offensive thing you’ve heard.” Said one. 

“Reminds me of “with all due respect” when you know respect ain’t coming.” Another replied.

“I’m So Bipolar”

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“I’m so bipolar” to explain why they are indecisive or to play off poor life choices. Or to say to sound quirky. Hate that. I’m bipolar and rarely tell anyone.” Said one. 

“I’m also bipolar, and I hate when people use it as a badge of quirkiness. Nobody brags about climbing the walls at 3 AM, nobody should aspire to burn their life down, and nobody can throw away every relationship/career/education and think it’s something to be proud of.

Because of these people, my own tendencies get blown off and not taken seriously. I’m so glad I found medications that work, I hate the way I used to be. Hate it.” Another added.

“I Hate Drama”

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“I hate drama.” I have never heard someone say this unsolicited and not been exhausted with their shenanigans within a day.” Said one. 

“Guaranteed drama when someone says they hate it. So often the drama revolves around them yet they are the victim.” Another added.

“You’re So Quiet”

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“No no, I’m not quiet or shy, just don’t want to speak to YOU!” Said one. 

“My reply for that has been: I only talk when I have something to say. Nothing profound or particularly smart, but it usually rattles their brains before asking me something I can reply to instead.” Another added.

 “I Only Have Guy Friends”

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“Women who say “I only have guy friends” which is usually followed by something like “women always bring drama / women are usually bad / women can’t handle how real I am / women are always jealous of me.”

Yeah, it’s great having guy friends, but the problem is women who view other women as the enemy.”

“If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst, You Don’t Deserve Me At My Best”

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“Even “their best” is mediocrity.” Said one. 

“Usually, their worst comes through 95% of the time while their best happens once in a blue moon.” Another added.

“My Ex Was A Narcissist”

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“My ex was a narcissist.” I didn’t hear this nearly as often until the last year. Now suddenly, everyone has had an ex that was a narcissist. I work in the behavioral health field, and this one drives me crazy.

No, just because you both wanted different things in life doesn’t make him selfish enough to be labeled with an actual *personality disorder;* ***oh my god.*** say you weren’t compatible and move on with your life.

No offense to those who did genuinely date a narcissist.”

“Yes But You Know There’s Worst”

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“Yes, but you know there’s worst” whenever you have an issue. Denying the pain of someone isn’t helping them at all. Yes, others have it worst, but on day D, hour H, I want to talk about my feeling and feel heard and seen. I want solutions, or I want help, or I want someone to bad talk about the subject/person which/who is a sensitive topic for me. Not thinking about others.

That’s not being selfish; that’s distressing, and if you can’t find a solution, at least put out bad vibes.”

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