Have you ever seen something so mysterious that you still feel lost when it randomly strikes your mind out of nowhere? It’s like, you cannot even explain it? If you did, know that you’re not the only one. 

A netizen recently asked people who have seen something they could never explain, what was the thing?! The responses below will blow your mind.

His Dead Mom Answered Him Back

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“Shortly after my mother passed away I was going through and organizing her belongings in her room. I was talking out loud as if I were talking to her. There were some boxes with family photo albums I’d been looking for that I hadn’t been able to find, and it was worrying me. I was sitting on the floor and said aloud, “Where did you leave those albums, Mom?” Very slowly, her closet door opened on its own—a slow, creaking movement from nearly totally closed to half open. I was as terrified as I’d ever been in my life… I froze and didn’t move, but I looked at exactly eye level, and there was a cardboard box labeled “Albums” in my mothers handwriting on the lower shelf of the closet. 

I am not a religious or even spiritual person, and I thought that there might be some imbalance in the hanging of the closet door. I went back to the door many times and tested it by wiggling it back and forth and leaving it in different positions, but it’s never moved that way since.” 


The Missed Phone Call

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“In my early 20s, I was home alone. I woke up to my cell phone ringing but missed the call. The phone number I missed the call from was my home phone number. I got up and found the cordless phone on the kitchen counter. I looked everywhere, but no one was in the house, and the doors were all locked.” 


The Completely Skinned Cow

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“I fly helicopters for a living. I was working on a powerline one year and was going back to our landing zone and noticed an opening in the trees that appeared to be a leg. I came back and tried to get as low as I could into the clearing, thinking, it was a person, it was a full-grown cow that had been completely skinned.

There were no farms around, and the animal didn’t appear to be cut up in any way. I went back to the landing zone, picked up one of my Ground crew members, and flew back with him so that he could verify that I wasn’t crazy. On the flight back, we were both kind of in awe because we have no idea how that animal got to where it’s at. Even more, so that it had no skin on its entire body, it looked like a perfect cow sans skin.”


The Strange Orange Light 

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“Was talking on the phone to my dad in the garden, about 15 years ago. Saw an orange light slowly come up over some trees behind my house then take off straight up at a ridiculous speed. Stood there in silence and so did he.

Explained to him what I’d just seen and he said he’d just seen the exact same thing. He was over 100 miles away in Manchester at the time.” 


The Massive Rock 

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“I was walking along a park sidewalk blowing off grass clippings. Got under some pine trees and through a break in the canopy an 8-10 pound rock came tumbling out of the sky, bounced and chipped the sidewalk, and rolled down into a creek. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” 


The Guy With The Latent Superpower 

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“When I was 19 or 20 and first living on my own, I woke up in the middle of the night once to a pitch black room, but realized I could “see” as if everything in my room was subtly outlined in a reddish glow. I closed my eyes and could still see the exact same thing. I then covered my eyes with my hands, but could still “see.” I even got up and tested it by walking around my house with my eyes closed and was able to navigate around all obstacles and even see things like cups on the counters and able to pick them up without missing them. After a little bit of this, I turned on the light to confirm everything was where it was, and when I turned the lights back off the effect was gone.

Overall it lasted about 10 minutes and has never happened again.

My best guess is that I was still half-dreaming and my brain was just able to very accurately represent my memory of where everything was. But even if that’s the case, I’m very impressed with my brain’s half-asleep ability to form a full 3d representation of my environment as I’m moving and manipulating small objects. Either that or I discovered a latent superpower.”


The Mini Sun

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“I and my brother saw light coming through a bricked-off vent in my house about 20 years ago. It was a powerful light, like there was a mini sun in there. Light has never come through it before or since and we both still remember it.” 


The Fallen Photograph 

Image Credits: Carlos Banyuls, Shutterstock

“My nephew was pointing at a picture on the wall saying “boo!” and laughing, then the picture fell onto the desk below it.” 


The Unknown Voice 

Image Credits: Khosro, Shutterstock

“A voice sounding like my friend’s sister calling out his name from a tree line in a park, my and friend were walking home in the middle of the night, and both of us heard it. He was called out 3 times.”


Deja Vu 

Image Credits: Patramansky Oleg, Shutterstock

“Actually I still don’t understand the concept of Deja Vu. It happens to me about twice a year since I was around 18 years old (I’m 44). Just random places or experiences that I swear I have seen and been through before. It’s so strange.”


The Group Of Men With Chainsaws 

Image Credits: Roman Samborskyi, Shutterstock

“A tree fell in front of us while we were driving. It almost killed us. Moments later, a group of men dressed in nice clothes just happened to have chainsaws in their car, that were black and black tinted windows. They started cutting up the tree.

We quickly turned around and said, “Nope”. I tried to tell myself that it was just Mormons, who happened to have chainsaws in the back of their car. I called my mom the other day to see if she still remembers that incident and she does.”


The Deadly Intuition

Image Credits: Paulik, Shutterstock

“In college, my wife (girlfriend at the time) had a nightmare that her pet iguana (at home with her father) had frozen to death after being left outside. She woke up sobbing and that woke me up. I calmed her down and told her it was just a dream. We both eventually got back to sleep.

The next morning her father called to say that her pet iguana had been left outside overnight and had frozen to death.

This wasn’t a recurring dream or worry for her. This was the only time it happened. Neither of us can explain the events without the aid of religion or one in a trillion coincidence.”


The Doom Dog

Image Credits: Roman Samborskyi, Shutterstock

“I was staying the night with a cousin on his ranch and in his front yard there was a basketball hoop on a homemade wall like concrete bricks stacked upwards, and we both to this day swear on god we saw what looked like an 8-foot tall coyote standing up against the wall tugging on the hoop, we closed the blinds quick and that was the night we established the existence of the ranch’s very own cryptid. I think we called it like “doom dog” or some crap (we were 9-10).”


The Old Town House 

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“In my old townhouse, the bedrooms had L-shaped door handles. I lived alone, and it was a two-story townhouse with the bedrooms upstairs.  Had multiple nights where I’d be laying in bed watching YouTube videos on my IPad when my door handle would twist, and the door would slowly open. 

The first time, I thought someone broke in.  Each subsequent time, I’d go through the townhouse, and no one was there. The hallway light, the stair light, had a switch at the bottom of the stairs and top that controlled the same light.  Multiple times while in bed, the light would turn on. So I’d get up and search the entire townhouse. Nothing there.  Then the TV would turn on in the living room at some point, and I’d wake up and walk downstairs to the tv being on.  This went on for months, and I eventually moved. Nothing like this occurs in my current apartment.  But could never explain what was happening.”


Hallucination Or Reality?

Image Credits: Cookie Studio, Shutterstock

“I, 13 at the time, was about to go to bed. I was brushing my teeth in front of my bedroom window, staring into the dark, when I suddenly heard someone screaming outside. I stopped brushing so I could hear it better. Someone was screaming out my name. I froze and kept listening. More voices joined, all screaming my name and laughing loudly. It was kind of like an audience at a sports game. It went on for about five minutes. When it stopped I (in shock) went downstairs to my parents to ask them if they’d heard anything. It was impossible not to hear as it was very loud. They had not heard anything. 

I assume it was some hallucination. Still, I feel weird when I’m alone in my room late at night.”



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