iOS 17 has been making waves for its features.

A user asked the forum, “What’s your favorite new feature on iOS 17?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Airtag sharing.”


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“Verification code. Text auto-deletion.”


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“It sounds stupid, but replying to specific texts now by swiping right on them is up there. Interactive widgets are cool as well. One of the biggest surprises was their changes to the haptics; they feel more ‘3D,’ if that makes sense.”


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“Offline maps.”


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“Face identification in private browsing.”


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“Multiple timers can be set up; the messaging app looks different, giving off a fresher look.”


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“I’ve had some time to get a good grasp on the new stuff. The new AirPods Pro 2 enhancements are significant; standby and interactive widgets have also provided a minor yet excellent quality-of-life update. The new playing screen of Apple Music is also quite lovely. Great update for me.”


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“Saving stickers natively. I’ve already saved so many pictures of my Calico and my Yorkie.”


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“Moving the period from the keyboard.”


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“I’m excited to finally have pictures for all my contacts that they can set. Everyone was faceless on my contact list!”


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“Filling out two-factor authentication codes from emails automatically. It was only working with SMS before, as far as I know. Also, the prediction of words on the Apple keyboard got better.”


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“Passkey support for 3rd party password managers like 1Password is excellent. It’s such an essential technology for security, mainly when people use passwords constantly. Help in a password manager is necessary so passkeys aren’t locked to just Apple devices or iCloud accounts.

I’ve also been enjoying the minor things, like the new animation for opening apps from search and all the search UI (User Interface) improvements like toggle-able settings.”


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“Personal voice is pretty amazing. It takes 10 minutes to set up, but it’s worth trying!”


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“iMessage refresh feels better. Also, I just found out about the new sounds for alerts. Change mine around, and it gives a new feel.”


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“Automation can now fully be automated and does not require user confirmation for all triggers.

Other iOS required user confirmation for Wi-Fi joining, location arriving, location leaving, and Bluetooth connections of specific devices before running it.

Now you can finally have your cellular data turned off when joining your home Wi-Fi without stupid fake focus mode.”


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“Airplay is way better, seemingly. It is a lot more consistent and connects a lot quicker (combined with the home pod update, anyway). The auto-suggestion in the dynamic island for airplay from music/podcasts, when you’re on your home network, is nice, too; it makes the whole thing feel like night and day from how it was on iOS 16.”


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“New ringtones. It’s been ten years since the last lot, and they’re well overdue.”


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“Can’t pick one. I liked the idea of standby; I used the live voicemail, which was incredible. I just cleared a ton of reminders for today from a cool widget. Autocorrect is better.”

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