A netizen recently asked, men, what was something that blew your mind when you first discovered it? We’ve curated the best responses below!

Business Travelers Being Single Serving Friends

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“In any town, business travelers (usually two men in my experience) can sit at a bar, have a great conversation, and never see one another again. Single serving friends, it’s a small joy of life.” 


The Ultra High Vacuum Cryogenic Scanning Tunneling Microscope

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“I walked into a research lab in college and they had this massive device. An ultra-high vacuum cryogenic scanning tunneling microscope. It could image and even pick up and put down single atoms. I had no idea such a thing existed until I walked into that room. I worked in that lab for all 4 years while I was in college.” 


The Power Of ‘Neutral Feelings’

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“The power of “neutral feelings”. We often experience periods of joy and sorrow as opposite ends of a spectrum but usually take the average, uneventful moments for granted. Only when something bad happens, do we realize how gifted a boring day is. Starting to appreciate the normal/mundane moments totally changes the way we see life.” 


Some Drivers Just CAN’T See A Huge Yellow Bus

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“I used to be a school bus driver. That a 40-foot-long, bright yellow object, festooned with flashing lights is completely invisible to so many drivers is truly mind-boggling.” 


Miscarriage During Their First Pregnancy Is Common 

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“It’s quite common for women to have a miscarriage during their first pregnancy. Still feels awful but once it happens to you (or your wife), you find out how many people around you actually experienced the same thing.” 



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“Journaling – it blew my mind how much it helped me to process what I was feeling in a particularly difficult part period of my life seems silly that just writing a bunch of words would do anything but it really does.” 


How People Change Their Behavior When They Realize You Ain’t Fulfilling Their Demands 

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“The sudden change in somebody’s behavior towards you as soon as they realize they are not going to get from you what they have been asking/trying for.” 


Learning About The Sun’s Death

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“This one is crazy but as a kid, learning about the Sun’s death positively rocked me to my core. I asked the classic “Well if the sun is just going to expand and destroy everything then what’s the point?” Instead of using that as a reason to be depressed or whatever I just used it as a reason to slack off in elementary school.” 


Impact Of Diet And Exercise On Mental Health 

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“Diet and exercise help significantly with mental health. It quite literally saved me from ending it. I go to therapy, and I’ve tried many medications… exercise still has benefited me significantly more than anything else. I could never live my life without the gym now.” 


Theory Of Relativity

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“To add to this idea. That space is so vast that traveling even to a planet next door would take a very long time. That the idea of traveling outside of our solar system would take a very very long time…

Generations of human lifetimes to get almost nowhere. That galaxies are so far away that no human will get there for thousands of years if they started today.” 


That They Made A COMEDY Movie About Brian Wells

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“That they made a COMEDY movie about Brian Wells. A pizza delivery guy got a bomb strapped to him and told to rob a bank, and then he blew up on live TV. Brian Wells probably doesn’t find that very funny, since he, you know, died. Movie: 30 minutes or less.” 


That People Aren’t Exaggerating When They Say They Can See Images In Their Heads

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“That people aren’t exaggerating when they say they can see images in their heads. I have aphantasia, which means I can’t visualize mental images. The only time I’ve managed to do it was with some diesel dough weed.” 


That Attractive Women Like The Ones You See On TV  Or in Movies Actually Exist

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“That attractive women like the ones you see on TV  or in movies actually exist. In my youth, I thought that beautiful women like what you see on TV weren’t real people. Maybe they were CGI or something. Because where I grew up (rural Kansas) I NEVER saw a genuinely attractive woman, ever, in my first 20 years of life. 

I moved away and it was a night and day difference. Even more so when I traveled overseas.” 


Tasting Unadulterated, Farm Fresh Virgin Olive Oil

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“Tasting farm fresh virgin olive oil that hasn’t been diluted with other ingredients. (Almost impossible to find in stores because it would cost more than the other brands).” 


Salads Actually Do Taste Good When Made Fresh

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“Salads actually do taste good and are refreshing if they’re actually made fresh with good dressing and aren’t just some olive garden side salad trash.”


A Woman Can Get Pregnant On Only A Few Days In A Month

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“That there are only a few days a month when a woman can get pregnant. I’d always thought that you have unprotected once, and then she’s pregnant, but that’s definitely not the case. Of course, I still always use protection, but it was still surprising.” 


Black People Don’t Just Style Their Hair. Differently, They’re Different At A Structural Level 

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“That black people don’t just style their hair differently or treat their hair differently, their hair is literally different at a structural level.” 


How Easy It Is To Turn Confidence Into Money

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“How easy it is to turn charisma and confidence into money. Self-promotion and glad-handing beat out legitimate talent and qualification 9/10 times.” 


The Clones From The Republic Are The Clones For The Empire

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“That the clones from the republic are the clones of the empire. Blew my mind on a rewatch. I was always curious as to where the droids went.” 


My Teachers Didn’t Actually Live In My School

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“When I discovered that my teachers didn’t live in my school. In primary school, I saw them only in school, so I didn’t question that. First, of many existential crises I’ve had in life.”

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