If you are an avid traveler, you will visit so many places and countries. It would be the best idea to commemorate all those experiences. 

A user asked the forum, “How do you commemorate your travels?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Fridge magnet. I have a few hundred of them from my travels that I keep on metal sheets hanging in my office behind me. 

They become a conversation piece during conference calls and are a good icebreaker when I meet new people on a conference call. They’ll ask what they are, I’ll explain they are magnets from my travels, and then I’ll ask them where they are from. If I have a magnet from that area, I’ll pull it off the wall and show it to them. It’s silly but an excellent way to start a conversation.”


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“Christmas ornaments. Once a year, you get to open a box of memories.”


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“If I can take one amazing photo during a trip, that’s the best souvenir. I had a printed book put together after our trip to Paris because the photos there were fabulous. I hang some of them on the walls.”


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“I buy stickers and place them on a snowboard that belongs to my late son. I also spread some of his ashes wherever we visit.”


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“Tea towels from the different places I’ve been are on rotation in my kitchen.”


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“Postcards, coins, and banknotes.”


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“I make scrapbooks, so I’ll save tickets, maps, coins, etc., and make a book for the trip (especially if it is longer). I also like to get little pins from everywhere I visit and put them on my corkboard at home.”


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“I try to buy practical souvenirs that I can use like a tile coasters/pot rest from Portugal, a garnet ring from Prague, a dress by a local designer in Berlin, a cork purse from Portugal, a cow bracelet from Cambodia, a mandala I framed from Nepal, a cookbook that came as part of a cooking lesson in Thailand, a pair of shoes in London, etc. I don’t have space to display many things, so this works better for me.”


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“I was handed down two silver charm bracelets from my Mum and Nan. I buy a charm relating to every country/city I’ve been to and add them to the bracelets.”


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“I buy artwork (usually watercolor) of the city from a local artist. They roll it up and place it in a tube. I have it framed when I get home. Also, try to find a small piece of jewelry.”


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“I buy coffee mugs and rotate them between using them and display.”


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“I frame postage stamps from each country and put them on a gallery wall going up the stairs. I love seeing them and being reminded of my adventures.”


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“I buy clothes not necessarily related to the visited place, and every time I wear them, I remember my travels.”


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“Rocks & pebbles whenever possible.”


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“I buy enamel pins! They are everywhere, typically less than $10, and small! I commissioned a friend to weave some hanging flags for me to stick them in, and they are hanging up on my wall right now!”


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“Grocery store reusable bag. Every week, I haul groceries home in a bag with memories of my trips. My favorite is ‘Fooby! We love food!’ (Switzerland).”


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“Transit card. In some places, it’s hard as they use contactless or don’t issue transfers, but most still sell city-specific transit cards, and in many places, you’ll be buying one anyway to use the local transit system. They fit nicely in a baseball card frame that can also be hung on the wall.”


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“I make playlists for each trip I take. It becomes a little time capsule for when I was away and always brings me back to the time and place when I play the music back.”

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