Not everything old is gold. While some things can bring a surprising windfall, others might leave you holding the bag.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What are good items to flip?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“Sports equipment, such as bicycles, golf clubs, or fitness gear, can be good candidates for flipping.

Look for used items in good condition or discounted new equipment and resell them to individuals looking for cost-effective options.”, said one user.


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“Apart from the lawn mowers and window units you mentioned, appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, or kitchen appliances can also be flipped.

Consider seasonal demands and buy when the prices are lower, then sell them when demand is high.”, said one user.


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“Furniture pieces, antique items, or unique home decor can be profitable to flip.

Look for discounted or secondhand furniture that you can refurbish or update to increase their value and appeal to potential buyers.”, said one user.


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“Collectibles such as vintage toys, comic books, trading cards, or rare items can hold significant value.

Research popular collectibles and keep an eye out for undervalued pieces that you can acquire and sell to collectors or enthusiasts.”, said one user.


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“Items like smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and other electronic gadgets can be popular choices for flipping.

Look for good deals on these items, either through online marketplaces, garage sales, or local classified ads, and resell them at a higher price.”, said one user.


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“Anything that’s relevant to current trends will do well.”, said one user.


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“Honestly there’s always money to be made with sneakers. Hype will be hype.”, said one user.


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“I bought a bunch of bikes for cheap in winter and sold them all at a 30% ish markup in the beginning of summer. My mate did similar with tents and camping gear he found on liquidation auction sites.”, said one user.


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“Want higher profit?: Get into rare antiques and luxury items. But they might require more research and be harder to source.”, said one user.


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“If money isn’t an issue, then flip houses!. But you’ll need more upfront investment”, said one user.

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