You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to buy useful products. You can spend $100-150 and make a difference in your life. 

A user asked the forum, “What can you buy for less than $150 that will change your life?” Here are the top responses. 


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“A good pillow. I can vouch for the coop pillows. I just got my second, and they are a bit pricey but worth it.”


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“A Dashboard Camera (Dashcam). I was a collision investigator for seven years. Dash cams are worth their weight in gold. If you think you get into an accident and there will be witnesses or other things proving you did nothing wrong, think again. I have one in my car, my wife’s car, and my motorcycle.”


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“A portable battery booster for your car. The one I had had boosted my vehicles and others when we didn’t have jumper cables or couldn’t access the front of the car easily for boosting. 

The one I have (a Halo) is also a flashlight with an outlet for charging anything. Battery lasts forever. Best $100 I’ve ever spent.”


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“Air purification filter for my bedroom. I have no more allergies, and I sleep so much better. I’m always cleaning to keep dust at bay, but the filter is a game changer.”


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“Those timer caps for medications. They have changed my life. I haven’t double-dosed or skipped a dose in over a year because they tell me when the bottle was opened last.”


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“A good thick robe. I bought myself one nine years ago, and it has drastically cut down on my energy bill during the winter. Keeps me so warm.”


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“An electric kettle. It’s just the superior way to boil water. In places outside of North America, 220-240V wall outlets are more common than our 120V ones.

I’ve used electric kettles with both voltages. You notice a difference from the super saiyan euro-outlets, but it’s still far and away the best way to boil.”


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“Air fryer completely changed my diet. I am still using the same $90 I got three years ago. Might be time for an upgrade.”


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“A starter space telescope. I needed a way to unwind after work when I suffered panic attacks, and sitting outside on a still night was so relaxing. The first time I saw 3 of Jupiter’s moons took my breath away; I never realized you could do that so easily. 

I learned that our solar system is the only one officially called the ‘solar’ system as our sun is named ‘Sol’ from the Latin word ‘Solis’ (sun).”


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“A memory foam mattress topper. It makes any poor-quality bed or air mattress a dream. It’s a bonus if you live in a hot climate region and it has the cooling gel in it! So nice.”


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“Pack of parfait spoons. Never again will you struggle to reach the bottom bit in a jar.”


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“Instant pot. You can cook things faster with less cleaning and less splatter mess. I put off buying one for ages, and now I use it more than my stove.”


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“Older model Apple Watch. Mine diagnosed my Atrial Fibrillation (AFAB) and might have saved my life.”


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“Fiber supplements. Game changers if you have digestion issues and fatigue.”


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“Power drill-driver. It doesn’t need to be some pro-grade like Milwaukee. It’ll do as long as it can drill holes and drive screws for at-home things.”


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“When my daughter turned 2, I got a single-serve Keurig for my bedside table. I woke up before the rest of my family, and any time I tried to sneak downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee, I’d wake up a dog or the baby, and then my quiet mornings were game over. It’s been amazing. I enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in the morning without leaving my bed.”


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“Oven thermometer. It’s amazing how much better things come out when cooked at the right temperature. Available just about anywhere for $10 or less.”


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“A new mattress! The $100 Amazon mattress did wonders for my back that my $1000 purple and $2000 Tempurpedic could not.”


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“Decent skincare products. I use Tropic, but there are lots of good contenders. It’s so important to look after your skin. An investment.”

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