We all have our guilty pleasures, but what are the things that people pretend to enjoy?

A user asked the forum, What are you convinced people are just pretending to enjoy? Here are the common responses. 


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“The jobs they went to college for.”


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“Zoos. Would anyone trade places with those caged animals? No. Then how can you enjoy that? I’m not against natural history museums (taxidermied animals).”


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“Parenthood. 99% of the time, when I see parents out in public, they look miserable.”


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“Protesting, too many people just blindly follow their friends and favorite communities. They don’t do their own research or actually care about what they are protesting for; it’s just a way to fit into the crowd.”


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“Eating plain yogurt and saying it tastes good.”


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“Performing for Social Media.”


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“Alcohol. Beer tastes like moldy, liquor tastes like just straight alcohol, so it gets mixed with better-tasting stuff, and wine is vinegar with alcohol in it. People enjoy the buzz, but enjoying the actual drink is a farce.”


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“Rap crap music, ’cause it truly is annoying & not entertaining.”


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“Greeting cards. I hate them. Someone gives me a greeting card, and I pretend to be happy, but it’s just something else I have to throw away after someone spent $3 or more buying it for me.”


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“Football (soccer). And I’m not just convinced. It’s been studied that men watch it because it’s expected that men like football.”


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“Dark chocolate. It tastes bad,  and I feel like everyone pretends it’s good because they want to feel cool.”


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“Prime. I refused to buy my son one cause it seemed like a ridiculous hype thing. One of his friends bought him and some others a bottle each—the newer ice pop one.

My son was so excited. He had a few sips and then held it for the rest of the evening. No more was drunk. It’s been on the side all week. He said he liked it. I smelt it, and it’s the most sickly sweet thing I’ve smelt for a while. I’ll leave it in the side and see what happens.”


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“Live concerts.

No thanks, I’ll stay home and listen to a recording. The sound is better. It is cheaper. I don’t have to worry about transportation or parking. I don’t have to deal with many stupids around me standing, singing, being drunk.”


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“Laughing for your boss’s jokes.”


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“Also, going to the beach.

I am a very high-energy outdoorsy; I hate being at home kinda person, and even I can’t be at the beach for more than 3 hours MAX.

I have 0 interest in spending all day AT A BEACH. 2 hours sounds good, with a beer, good food, and a short drive back home. Anything more than that, and I need to mentally recover for the next week.’

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