High-paying jobs come with lots of workload and responsibilities. Not everyone dreams of getting those jobs. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s a high-paying job that you’d never do no matter how high the pay is?” Here are the top responses. 


Deep sea repair work on a corroded metal pipe
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“Underwater Welder, one of those who maintain Oil Rigs out in the ocean? Terrifying, hard work, extremely long hours, and dangerous.”


happy male medical doctor portrait in hospital
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“Anything where my decisions seriously affect others. Professions like Doctor, Veterinarian, Lawyer, etc. Knowing just a single mistake of mine can ruin someone else’s life forever would paralyze me.”


Young man with beard wearing business white shirt clueless and confused with open arms, no idea and doubtful face.
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“You know those guys who change the light bulbs on towers? That, I would never do that.”


Rear view of ground worker signaling to airplane on wet runway
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“Air traffic controller. Too much on the line. Mistakes can kill a lot of people.”


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“You could not pay me enough to be a nurse in a hospital.”


Middle age man wearing business suit making fish face with lips, crazy and comical gesture. funny expression.
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“The President, you must be insane to want that much power.”


Man in pain holding hands on his head
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“Night shift anything. I have been there and done that. It’s not worth it. All that money is not sacrificing time with family or my health.”


Group people surgeon at work in operating room.
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“Anything in surgery. I have trouble watching fake medical dramas. I can’t handle needles. No way I could sit there and cut on people.”


Portrait of uncertain young stylish stubble man with trendy round glasses wears demin blue shirt, shrugs shoulders being puzzled or confused. Caucasian unsure male make gestures doubtfully with hands.
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“Working on the crab ships in the Bering Sea.”


Bankrupt businessman on white background.
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“High-pressure finance or banking. I understand the need for money but wouldn’t want to spend every working day thinking about nothing else.”


Seller and a couple in the showroom.
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“Sales. I can’t fool people well enough.”


A ball of dog hair in the hand after combing the husky during molting. Pet care.
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“Anything that involves causing harm to animals.”


a politician standing
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“Politician. I don’t like the idea of being widely hated.”


Handsome middle age man wearing casual sweater over blue background afraid and terrified with fear expression stop gesture with hands, shouting in shock. panic concept.
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“A harbor pilot. In violent waves, they must get on the ship from a small boat (or dropped off by a helicopter) with no safety equipment. Then, they bring the ship into port. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.”


Portrait of a senior woman smiling at the camera while bending over a rocket plant with flowers, while wearing a straw hat and apron in her garden on a sunny morning
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“I couldn’t be a farmer. I like the animals there, but the smell would get to me, and I couldn’t handle slaughtering the animals myself. Nor would I wanna take eggs from a chicken’s nest or milk any animal.”


Beautiful african american woman wearing camouflage army uniform doing stop gesture with hands palms, angry and frustration expression
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“Military. I could not kill another human being. I’d die and would probably get my buddies killed along with me. For those of you who do this critical job, thank you for your service.”

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