The world is full of strange and wonderful things, including people who say things that make you wonder what planet they’re from. A netizen recently asked, “What is the stupidest thing you’ve heard someone say that they were 100% serious about?”. The responses below were hilarious!

Graphic Designers Can See The Unseen!

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“At one of my first jobs as a graphic designer, a client called me into his office and pulled up a photo he took. He then asked me if I could turn it around. No, not rotate it, but *turn the viewpoint* around. He wanted to see what was behind the camera when he originally took the photo….

God, I have so many stories from that job.” 

A Football Referee Runs Equal To A Marathon During The Game

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“A guy I work with said that a football referee runs over the distance of a marathon during a game. I pointed out that a football game was only 90 minutes long and that the marathon record was just over two hours so that would be impossible. He said it was possible, because a football referee ‘changes direction a lot during a game, and it all adds up’.” 

Leonardo DiCaprio Died In Titanic 

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“English teacher here. Once, while showing my class the Leonardo DiCaprio version of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ I had a student staring at the screen in utter confusion for half the movie before she said, ‘How can he be in this movie? He died in Titanic’.” 

The Conceiving Confusion 

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“At age 27, my friend said that he had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend because he *knew* that his parents didn’t have to have intercourse to conceive him, his mom got pregnant with him because they got married.” 

Carbonated Is Equal To No Carbs

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“‘Yeah bro, it says carbonated because they removed the carbs’ while standing in line at a drugstore. 

Best eavesdrop of my life.” 

The Email Issue 

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“Can you email me back the PDF I emailed you? It’s my only copy.” 

The Canada Conversation 

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“Someone I know argued with me that I do not live anywhere near Canada. He got pretty nasty about it too. 

When I showed him proof he said ‘Well I only know Texas’. I live right outside of Detroit, Michigan. Closer to Canada than I am to any other state. 

I have also had a few people argue with me that I do not live in the Eastern time zone. I guess they know better than someone who actually lives here.” 

Eggs Might Hatch By The Refrigerator’s Light

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‘If I don’t finish all my eggs within two weeks I throw them out. I don’t want the light in the fridge to make them hatch.’

You know those eggs aren’t fertilized, right? And also the light goes off when you close the door. “, said one. 

“Also eggs aren’t hatched by light but by warmth.”, another added. 

The Hawaii & Alaska Conflict 

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“How can Hawaii and Alaska have such different temperatures when they are right next to each other on the map?”, said one. 

“Bro is going to have his mind blown when he realizes that Alaska is the most northern state while Hawaii is the most southern.”, another added. 

Did The Earth Exist Back Then?

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“I was on a date at an art museum. The painting tag said who it was made by the title and made Circe 1600 and she said ‘Do you think the earth was even around back then? You just never really know’.”

Ceiling Fan Dust Causes Cancer 

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“That ceiling fan dust was the cause of cancer. Like cancer actually did not exist until ceiling fans collected dust and it fell off.” 

Roadrunners Aren’t Real

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“In college, my teaching assistant in my dinosaur class insisted that roadrunners weren’t real and laughed at me for suggesting it as an answer for a bird that runs fast. But the real dummy was me because I’ve seen one in real life and I still said oh ok.” 

Why Does My Door Always Face The East?

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“If the earth is spinning then why my front door is always facing east?”

The Moon Is A Hologram

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“Once had someone try to sell me the theory that the moon is a hologram made by the government to trick people.”

You Burn 2000 Calories When You Make Out

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“Knew a grown woman with 2 kids who absolutely believed that you burn 2000 calories when you make out.

She would fight you over this.” 

Gravity Ain’t Real

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“I work in construction and my rigger told me he doesn’t believe in gravity with 100% seriousness. Mind you his job is to rig tens of thousands of pounds of steel so it doesn’t fall when moving it with a crane.” 

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