Celebrities are always in the spotlight. Their personal or professional life is always up for public debate.

A user asked the forum, “Which Bollywood celebrity did not deserve to get treated the way they were, in general, or during one point in their career?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Mallika Sherawat got so shamed for the steamy scenes back then. She didn’t deserve it for being ahead of her time. Now all mainstream actresses do it.”


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“Vidya Balan. She was body-shamed a lot by media and industry people in her early days. Media was talking more about her fashion blunders than her films and talent.”


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“Sooraj Pancholi should have been given the jail treatment rather than going on making movies.”


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“Anushka Sharma when she was receiving threats for Virat’s performance.”


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“Aishwarya Rai. It’s sad how the industry turned its back on her after the Savlon fiasco. She was removed from movies (Shah Rukh Khan, who respects women so much, fired her from 3 films), women she considered friends abandoned her and remained cordial with Savlon (Rani), and literally, no one came in support of her even when she had filed a police complaint against Savlon for domestic violence.

It’s like the entire industry went blind to the hell she was going through, and she had zero support from anyone.”


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“Rhea Chakraborty certainly didn’t deserve the media trial after Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing.”


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“Shahid Kapoor when he got sidelined in Padmavat.”


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“Shah Rukh Khan. It isn’t only the Bollywood fraternity but the media and general public too, from having to prove his love for his nation every other day, being accused of spitting on the mortal remains of Late Lata Mangeshkar ji to being compared to a designated terrorist by an influential personality. Later, the Aryan thing and his career.

He has been through hell. It was a nightmare for him, and we felt it too; every other day, there was one thing or another, then I see people claiming that he is not being called out, and I am like he has been dragged through the mud for so many things, you want me to hate him for a joke?”


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“Kangana. The industry has to blame themselves, at least partly, for the kind of deep resentment, bitterness, and psychological issues she has right now. I genuinely don’t think she’s ‘fully’ to be blamed.”


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“Sushant Singh Rajput, while alive, was treated poorly by many. But the cold silence from Bollywood on his passing and lack of good words or tributes just stung and revealed the true face of this immature fraternity so much.”


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“Kriti Sanon gets a lot of hate, especially in this online space. I don’t know why.”


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“Abhishek Bachchan. Nepotism baby or not, he was never that bad and never given real care for most of his youth.”


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“Katrina Kaif. I remember she was shamed left, right, and center alongside the tag of home wrecker, all because of your darling Deepika Padukone. 

Ranbir, Kareena, Imtiaz Ali, Ayan Mukherjee, and others confirmed that Ranbir dated another woman between Deepika and Katrina, but Katrina Kaif’s image was maligned in the public.”


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“Vivek. The poor guy was blacklisted. I understand how Bollywood was full of creeps and the underworld, but the way Salman behaved was downright shameless. He doesn’t deserve the unquestioning loyalty from his fans. At least Shahrukh Khan’s fans turned their back on him when he churned rubbish like Harry Met Sejal & Zero.”


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“Hrithik. During the Kangana fiasco.”


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“Ranbir Kapoor. Not because I believe he is good or different but because of how people have typecast his image as a Playboy. Like really, the whole industry is the same, be it male or a female actor, so why only he receives the backlash for such things.”


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“I don’t think Ananya deserves to be treated like she does.”

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