As children, we are easily excited by even the smallest things. Our curiosity is boundless, but it can dwindle as we grow older.   A user asked the forum, what was awesome as a kid, but you hate as an adult? Here are the common responses. 


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” We used to run to pick it up first. Now I cringe anytime I see it go off.”


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“The local fair. As a kid, spending an entire day at the fair felt so magical. Now, it’s just hot, crowded, and expensive. I usually only go once now, and usually on the first day when it’s not so busy so I can get doughnuts.”


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“Water Parks – now all I see is pee in the pool and a gaggle of judgemental teens.”


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“Teenagers. As a kid, teenagers are the coolest, and you cannot wait to be one. As an adult, they are just stupid brats.”


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“Going to the mall. I used to like browsing stores, but now I just want to get what I need and go.”


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“Waking up in another place than when you fell asleep.”

“Not to get sappy, but I used to love when my dad would carry me into my bed after falling asleep in the car or on the couch. I would wake up when he was carrying me but pretend to be asleep, and it was such a nice feeling.

He walked out on us right after my baby brother was born. My mom became pretty tired and emotionally distant and would drag him into bed whenever he fell asleep because she did not feel like carrying him to bed. I made it a point to carry him into his crib as gently as 12-year-old me could. Hope the little dude had that feeling, too, despite being in a broken home.”


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“Eating large quantities of candy in a single sitting.” 

“Too much sugar can give me heartburn, but the more common side effect is a headache. I’ve discovered I get headaches if I don’t get enough sleep, don’t drink enough water, or overeat sugar. Or any combination of the 3.”


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“Getting mail. I remember every day begging my parents if I got mail. (I had pen pals). I got so excited when something came for me. Now I dread going to the mailbox because all that will be there are bills.”


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“Spinning in circles.

I try to do that now while holding my little one, and I do about two spins before I’m lightheaded and dizzy as a drunk.”


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“The State Fair. Especially now that I have to pay for everything.”

“Yep, we went as a family of 6 for a week in 2000, and at the time, it was $900 for everything. My dad wouldn’t stop complaining about it, so I remember the number specifically.

I went by myself again in 2021, and it was thousands of dollars for just me, and I didn’t get to do nearly as much stuff as we did in 2000, either. That was with my budgeting!”


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“People coming to your house to visit and stay for a few days.”


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Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a teen/young adult: “Yea, baby!! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a 40-something: “This is gonna hurt in the morning.”


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“Summer. It’s three months of freedom from school when you’re a kid. When you’re an adult, you still have to go to work, but now it’s sweltering hot, and you’re sweating your balls off all day, every day.”


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“Jumping on a trampoline- I used to love it, but now if I try it, I can feel my brain bouncing around in my head.”


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“Staying home on a sick day.

As a kid, it was a huge victory; I got to stay in bed all day, watch TV, and have a parent to tend to my every need. Then as an adult, you’re just thinking about the work you’ll have to make up for and how you hope you don’t need to go to a doctor.”


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“Indoor public swimming pools.

As a kid, I loved everything about a trip to the local one; as an adult, I see how gross they are, especially the changing and poolside areas.”


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“Twinkies. They were the greatest things I’ve ever tasted when I was a kid. I bought a package of two to share with my 10-year-old a couple of years ago, and neither of us got past a single bite. Those things are wretched.

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