Religion is a personal and sensitive topic, and everyone has their own beliefs. Have you ever considered or made a change to your own religious beliefs? A user asked the forum, “Why did you leave your religion?” Here are the common responses.


2. disgust and bad taste
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“Abuse disguised as the word of God felt and witnessed over and over. In church, at school, at home, on the playground.”


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“When I was younger, I was super skeptical of everything that I was being taught religion-wise. It just never sat well with me. I played along but never believed. I felt neither guilt nor shame; I felt detached.”


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“Corruption. The last straw was finding out how they protected child molesters. The last vestige of my catholicism is rooting for Notre Dame football.”


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“My parents raised us Catholic; I did my first communion and then started “CCD” classes once a week. I still don’t know, or care, what that even stands for.

In 8th grade, I had been in CCD for a few years at that point. I started to become skeptical because a lot of what they said just wasn’t making sense to me, so I began asking questions. I would just ask, “Why?” several times a night, and it began to aggravate our group leader.

One night I was about to ask another question, and the dude could tell that it was coming. He stopped me before I could even open my mouth, and he told me, “If you have so many questions, maybe you’re not in the right place.”

I could not agree more! I got up and walked home. When I got home, my mom asked me why I was home so early, so I told her that I was done with CCD and church.

She said, “Ok, I don’t think your sister wants to go anymore either.” So I told my sister about it, and she was absolutely elated! My sister and I immediately became atheists.

My parents were relieved that they didn’t have to put up the charade anymore. My brother was disappointed in all of us and is still the only religious one left in my immediate family; he calls me from prison once a week, but I don’t always answer.”


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“Everyone kept telling me that I wasn’t a real Christian if I believed in evolution. Also, in youth group, we watched God Is Not Dead, and it made me realize how weak the arguments are for Christianity.”

“Because when I was asking hard questions, the only answer I would get is “It’s part of his plan.” I’m sorry, but cancer in children should not be a part of anyone’s plan.

Losing someone to a degenerative disease who has been nothing but loving and kind their whole life should not be a part of anyone’s plan.

I would rather believe in nothing than believe in something that promotes pain in one of their most beloved creations.”


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“Born and raised Hindu. Saw my mom walk miles back and forth fasting as she did for years, even in illness and utterly bad weather. Only for the priests and gurus to tell her one or the other thing was wrong with her practice.

Saw her pray a lot, go to a lot of places, and offer food, water, money, and clothes to countless priests and the homeless (the homeless part I’m good with). She even left the home she built with her hard-earned money cause some priest told her the house was cursed.

I utterly hate the religion propagates that leads to mass manipulation.

Even highly educated people get fooled cause faith cannot and must not be questioned. They have asked the answers, and the only problem is that your faith and belief, and conviction are not strong enough!!”


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“I was raised Christian, and for a long time, I became agnostic due to the hypocrisy of organized religion. I’ve actually come back into my faith over the past few years because I’ve realized my issue isn’t with God; it’s with the people who claim to speak for him.”


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“A rule for this. A rule for that. A rule for everything. Rules, rules, rules. They are useful guidelines. But if we blindly follow them, is it really a good thing?

Retain your ability to think for yourself, and weigh each decision carefully because you have to live with them.”


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“Experimented with atheism, and when I told my classmates, they bullied me, decided there that god is not real and just a way of manipulating people (in my opinion).”


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“Because I learned too much. This led to asking too many questions. Science provided answers or at least an honest “We don’t know. Yet.”. Religion provided lies, half-truths, and curses for asking the questions.

When I first became an atheist, I believed that faith was synonymous with gullibility. Years later, I understand that faith is deliberate gullibility. It is choosing to remain gullible and rejecting knowledge that could broaden your horizons and open your mind.”


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“I didn’t leave it, but I do think it’s wrong how in Islam drawing pictures of things with faces is forbidden. And how the artist would be tortured in hell by their creations according to the Hadith.

I’ve struggled to keep friends over the course of my life for various reasons, and telling visual stories and just even drawing pictures of people I liked that I would imagine gave me great comfort.

It really did severe damage to me emotionally to struggle with the idea I was going to hell for this for the longest time.”

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