A netizen recently asked, What hobby is an immediate red flag? Below are the 17 most interesting responses:


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“I hate saying this because I have close friends that are into it, but oftentimes gambling. Especially since it’s usually a very thin line between hobby and addiction.”

Collecting Alcoholic Beverage Containers

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“Collecting alcoholic beverage containers, especially the same one over and over.” 

Being Into False History

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“Being into history isn’t a red flag, but when it translates to ‘The Roman Empire was a perfect society with no issues or flaws’, that’s a Yeesh?” Said one.

“As a person being into history myself I couldn’t take anyone seriously who drops such a sentence while claiming to know a lot about this topic at the same time.” Another added.

Making Staged TikTok Videos

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“Making staged tik tok videos. Hard cringe.” Said one.

“The fake charity/charitable acts ones are the absolute most cringe ever or the ones with the “white guy fools the entire  Chinese restaurant by speaking fluent Mandarin!” Another added.

Voluntourism or Beggar Backpacking

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“Voluntourism or Beggar Backpacking. It is usually people from well-off countries going to poor countries and they are generally seen as a drain to/in those countries. The worst part is how PROUD these people are of themselves. ugh…”

Horseback Riding

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“Horseback riding. She will drain every cent you have to buy horse stuff.” Said one.

“A friend of mine wanted horses so bad she bought a 27-acre property with a barn and exercise arena. She’s got three horses, two trucks, a small and a large trailer, and a tractor for moving the hay bales. She’s always finding something else she needs for the farm.”

Football Or Soccer

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“In Germany, when someone is really into football (soccer for the Americans) they party with their club, they train with them, and when they get too old they start to train the youth. When they get home they watch football, play FIFA or talk about football. Of course, this is not always the case, but often enough.”

Playing League of Legends

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“Playing League of Legends. We get it, you hate yourself.” Said one.

“I still remember their ads from 2019..still haunt me..” Another added.

Collecting Funko Pops

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“I knew a girl who had her entire basement filled with them. The walls were lined. From bottom to top, all four walls. Every one single in their box. It was…. something

I was criticized by other friends when I opened my Pop figures and put them on the shelf. “You can’t do that!” Dude. My brother in Christ. Do you not remember Beanie Babies? These things have no value, it’s coming out of the box and going on display where I can enjoy it.”

Sensual Japanese Anime Comics

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“Everyone I have ever met who is really into manga or certain “hot “Japanese anime comics has been pretty suspect. Weird waifu types.” Said one.

“I don’t consider them suspect but I do consider them some of the most obnoxious people on the planet.” Another added.

Amateur Historians

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“Being an amateur “historian” that only focuses on the Confederacy, Nazi Germany, etc.” Said one.

“I know one of these people! She actually talked for three hours about the apocalypse of bullets and the history behind gas chambers. I thought I was going to be trapped there with her for a few days cause she just wouldn’t stop talking.” Another added.

Collecting Nazi Memorabilia

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“To be fair, I know a lad who had a Hakenkreuz flag under his bed. Obviously when he showed us it took a bit of explaining, but turns out it was one of his great grandpa’s war trophies.”

Anime In General

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“Deep into Anime… Gives off really weird vibes especially when people fawn about sparsely dressed underage girls…” Said one. 

“This but it’s with anything. When you’re too deep into something it’s all you talk about and anyone you’re interested in who even talks about it mildly gets fetishized, anyone who disagrees with you a connoisseur of said hobby gets bashed for not knowing what they’re talking about.”

Maintaining Your Child’s Social Media Accounts 

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“Making social media accounts for your children and posting their entire life from birth onwards for the world and all its weirdos to see.”

Scuba Diving

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“Scuba diving. Red flag, diagonal white stripe.”

Collecting Weapons, You Have Zero Knowledge About

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“When they collect a large number of firearms, knives, or some other sort of weapon, but cannot name the different parts of said weapon. Means they don’t care how it works, or how to maintain it etc, they just like the way it makes them feel.”


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“One of my hobbies is leathercraft. I have been told it’s a red flag by a vegetarian. Nearly all leather is a side product of the meat industry so my point is might as well use the whole animal.

She didn’t share that opinion, so I never brought it up and she’s the only friend who doesn’t get leather goods as gifts. I refuse to sell anything I make, so I just give it all away.”

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