A user asked, what’s one thing that terrifies you when you stop and think about it? Here is what people have to share:

1. Airplanes And The Mechanism

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“Airplanes, the idea that machines can stay in the air and usually land safely blows my mind. My brain can’t comprehend that I’m thousands of feet in the air whenever I’m in a plane. It feels like I’m still on the ground… it’s freaky.”

2. Snakes

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“I hate snakes. Have you seen the movie “Snakes on a Plane”? If not, feel free to do it and thank me later.”

3. Rabies

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“Rabies. We aren’t nearly as terrified of rabies as we should be. I’ve rehabilitated multiple animals that are potential vectors and have taken effective precautions, but it’s still far more terrifying to me than any zombie scenario you can imagine.”

4. Getting Old

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“Getting old and the helpless state of the economy means I’ll probably never get my own house.”

5. Unemployment

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“I am not financially prepared to be unemployed nor retired.”

6. Worrying About What Happens After Me

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“What will my wife do in 2 years when I check myself out? Will she use the money wisely and be ok? Will she squander it and be broke in 6 months? But in the end, it’s not my problem. I took all the necessary steps to ensure her future. The rest is up to her.”

7. Death

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“That one-day I’m going to be an old person, and it’ll probably feel like I blinked and time flew by. And then one-day I’m gonna die, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

8. Schizophrenia

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“Schizophrenia. Some people think it would be cool to have it. I hear them and think, “good luck going insane,” because even though I don’t have Schizophrenia, I know that it is quite the opposite of cool.”

9. Going Insane

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“That I would probably have no idea if I were going insane. I’m sure it would all seem logical, and I’d never think to ask for help.”

10. Accidents

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“Maybe once a month, I get a dream/nightmare that involves me dying a horrible death. Crushed by a vehicle, stabbed, set on fire, decapitated, etc.

And while I don’t feel the pain, I can easily imagine the feeling of flesh being torn or burned. And I can remember my dreams for at least a day after I have them.”

11. Messed Up World

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“I will have to live in a messed up world if stuff doesn’t start changing.”

12. Becoming Homeless

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“I become homeless when I grow up for reasons I can’t control.”

13. Getting Accused Of Something I Didn’t Do

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“Any girl could falsely accuse me of rape because I broke up/said I didn’t like her, and I wouldn’t get a fair trial, and my life would fall apart, but when it does get found out that she was lying (If it ever is) I will get no compensation, and the girl will get off scot-free, permanently ruining both my reputation and my life and no one bats an eye.”

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