When someone tells you they have a boyfriend, it’s important to be respectful and gracious. After all, they’re just trying to let you know that they’re not interested in dating you.

An internet user asked, “How do you respond to ‘I have a boyfriend’?”. We’ve compiled the best responses below!

The Straightforward Response 

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“Ah no worries, have a nice day/night. Easy.”, said one. 

“THIS! there is nothing else to say…move on and don’t be weird.”, another added. 

The Johnny Bravo Style

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“Johnny Bravo style – ‘Well you look like a woman who could use two’.” 

It Depends 

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“It sort of depends. If you really were trying to hit on her, just be graceful about it. ‘Good for you, take care, peace’ and leave her alone.

But if you were trying to move around her because she’s blocking up the hallway and she plays the I Have A Boyfriend Card with you, say something like ‘Yeah, and apparently he knows he’s not supposed to block up the way for everyone else’.” 

Stay Confident 

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“Say ‘Lucky man’, then walk away.”, said one. 

“‘Lucky man’ is by far the best answer. It shows confidence in the face of rejection.”, another added. 

The Context Matters 

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“It depends on the context. If I’ve asked her on a date and she responded ‘I have a boyfriend’, I’d say ‘Hey, fair enough’ and exit as gracefully as possible.

However, if it’s in a different context, and she brought it up unprompted, or as a non-sequitur, I would just try to move past it and continue what I was doing or saying.” 

Answer Maturely

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“Saying ‘That’s cool. How long have you been together?’

Don’t be a petty man-baby.” 

Apologize And Back Off

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“Ok, sorry for bothering you! I was my response when I approached a woman who I thought was giving me some mixed signals, ended up knowing she was in a relationship and I backed off.” 

When You Weren’t Even Trying, Be Sarcastic 

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“90% of the time I have gotten this, I wasn’t even hitting on them just saying hello. I usually say something like, ‘I have ten toes’.” 

Respond Differently Under Different Situations 

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“Depends on when it is said. If I asked the girl out I’d just go ‘bummer’ and move on with my life. If it’s a pre-emptive thing because I’ve asked something I’d go ‘cool, but *repeats question*’.” 

Be Clear

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“If I wasn’t flirting in the first place, then I say ‘Cool beans, dude, but I ain’t interested’.” 

Uno Reverse

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“If it’s brought up unprovoked, say ‘Who?’ And then cut off her next word by saying ‘cares’. And then laugh about it as you walk away.” 

Try Being Friends 

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“When you’re ready for a man friend, you know where to find me”

Say ‘Oof’ & Walk Away 

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“Clutch at your heart and say ‘oof’ with a grin as you turn on your heel and walk away.” 

Leave Her Alone Or Clarify Your Intentions 

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“Depends on the context. If you’re trying to hit on her. Then leave her alone. Just say, ‘Oh, enjoy the rest of your day.’ Because it’s very clear she’s not interested in you. 

If you’re asking her a question and not hoping to come off as flirtatious, just apologize and let her know there’s been a misunderstanding.  Then continue with the convo. 

Most people don’t say they have a boyfriend if the conversation is natural and not creepy.” 

So, Do I!

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“How is she saying it? In a snarky way because she thinks you’re hitting on her when you aren’t?

In that case, I’d say: ‘Oh fabulous, so do I!’

Otherwise, there’s not much to say.” 

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