Have you ever been on a date that ended abruptly because your date’s behavior was unacceptable?  An internet user recently asked, “What made you walk out of a date?”. Let’s look at the top responses.

Addiction To Social Media

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The Original Poster was on a date with a stunning girl, but she turned out to be one of those people who are addicted to their phones.

OP says, “I called her out on it in a playful manner about her checking Instagram with me sitting right in front of her, and she got super defensive about it (like way too much for what was said) and sat in silence for about 30 seconds, to which I stood up, took my jacket and said “well, lovely to meet you but I’ve got to bounce”.” 

Read on to know the other baffling and exciting responses!

Love For Nazi’s

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“I’m sure I’m too late, but this has to be said: I’m a white man with light blue eyes, and I went on a date with my friend’s sister-in-law. She commented that I have beautiful eyes and said, “I guess I’ve always agreed with Nazis about eye color.” 

Ok, weird, but let’s chalk that up to first-date jitters. She then talks about how she has always respected the Nazis and their ambition, and in fact, “was a Nazi in my past life.” That was enough for me to get the best worst date story of all my friends.”

Inviting Friends as “Consultants” On The Date

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“I got catfished by a girl who sent me fake photos, which weren’t even close to her. She immediately addressed this but in a way that would make it my fault if I had an issue with it, if that makes sense, like, “I know I lied about how I look, but only because I knew you wouldn’t date me, and looks are superficial”.

No problem, let’s see who she is. I wish that were the reason I ran for the hills. She invited 7 of her friends as consultants or “advisors” and told me to pretend they weren’t there sitting around at a huge table at Toronto’s Old Spaghetti Factory, all the while SHE’S ASKING THEM for ADVICE WHILE WE ARE ON A DATE.

Like if I asked her, What do you do for fun?” SHE WOULD THEN TURN TO HER FRIENDS AND ASK THEM WHAT SHE SHOULD SAY. After the hardest conversation of my life, she asked if I wanted to watch some special Harry Potter edition with director commentary or something with all her friends at her house. I made up some unexpected emergency, and we never spoke again.”

She Was Pregnant With Her Ex’s Baby

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“It sounds outlandish, but she asked if we could have a lunch date and she wanted to go to Pizza Hut. We already knew each other, so we were having a good conversation. After ordering our sodas, she asked, “I’m pregnant with my ex’s baby; are you okay with raising them?”.

I was rather surprised. None of our mutual friends mentioned anything about a break-up so I’m assuming they didn’t know either. I told her I hadn’t even known she was dating someone, and she said that it had been very lowkey and casual.

I told her I wasn’t comfortable with the idea because I agreed to date because she said we could take it slow and move at my pace. I’m incredibly gun-shy regarding relationships since my last one ended so badly.

She said she understood and wasn’t surprised. But I had only recently found out about it and wanted to be upfront. Told her I appreciated it and that we should call the whole thing a wash. I put $5 on the table for the sodas, we hugged, and I walked out. We still keep in touch, which is nice.”

Used The N Word To Refer To The Waitress 

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“She casually referred to our waitress by the N-word. I said nothing, stood up, and left. Plenty of catches in good ol PA, but she was not one of them.” 

She Dated Only To Make Her Boyfriend Jealous 

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“Had a date tell me in the restaurant that her boyfriend never takes her anywhere, and she only agreed to come out with me to make him jealous. This was after we had ordered. Figured she had to call her boyfriend for assistance on that one.” 

Talked With The Speaker On In, Starbucks 

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“Took a gal to Starbucks, bought us both a drink so we could sit and talk. About 5 minutes into it, she takes a phone call from a co-worker, puts it on speakerphone, and begins to savagely talk crap about everyone the two work with.

On speakerphone, in a small semi-busy Starbucks, both parties are cussing up a storm. The barista at the counter asks her to take the call off the speaker as people were trying to study (they were), and she proceeds to argue with the barista about how she can’t take it off speakerphone, blah blah blah. I instantly got up and apologized to the barista on my way out of the store. Didn’t message her, didn’t hear from her.”

Used Me For A Free Meal

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“Matched with her on Tinder, and we bonded over our love of food. She mentioned not having gone to any good restaurants in town and was tired of places like Kelsey’s or Lonestar. Decided to take her to a nice place in town as I had just got my tax returns and could afford a $200 meal.

She talked with me during the date and was engaged when she ordered her food, an appetizer, wine, dinner, a second dinner for lunch the next day, and dessert.  After placing her order, she took out her phone and spent the next 20 minutes browsing Instagram while I tried to talk with her.

I excused myself to the bathroom and instead talked to the waitress. Got her to cancel my meal and dessert (only had my appetizer at that point). Split the bill and paid what the 20% tip for the whole thing would have been, as it wasn’t fair for the waitress to lose out on her tip. My phone blew up about 5 minutes later when the waitress told her what was up.

The funny thing is, I have no problem paying for a date even if there isn’t a spark if my date at least is engaging/respectful. But being used for a free meal, nah, screw that, there are more deserving people with less in the world that I’d rather give back to.”

A Little Too Workaholic 

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“She just kept talking about work endlessly. I tried to change topics by asking if she had any hobbies. Nope. Just ranted about how work wouldn’t let her pursue any.

Would keep on talking about herself, how tired she was because of work, and make it seem like she was doing me a favor by coming out on this date when she could have worked. She did not even ask me any questions. Now and then, she would check her phone and would nod in ‘hmm’ and ‘yeah, pretty much’. I made up an excuse and left.” 

That Racist Chick

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“Took her to my company’s Christmas party.  Everything seemed fine until we went upstairs with a few people to smoke.

Upstairs there was a chalkboard where people had written messages and such.  Out of nowhere, she got up, drew a swastika, and announced, “f*** the Jews” with a giant grin. I ushered her out and called her a cab. We referred to her as “that racist chick” after that.” 

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