Many jobs that were once joint have disappeared over time due to technological advancements, economic changes, and other factors. Some jobs were dangerous or difficult, while others were no longer needed. A user asked the forum, “What job is no longer around that was when you were younger or was a job before your generation?”

Here are some of the best responses!


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“Bartenders for alcohol-free beverages. Kids used to have bars to hang out in; they were just alcohol-free.”


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“When I was a kid, nearly every house on the block got at least one newspaper delivered. Getting a paper route was a time-honored way to get some easy money. Now it’s cutthroat; you only have three deliveries per block and need a car to have a full route.”


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“This job is rare. I still run into them. It is awkward, though. Like, I can press the button myself. Am I supposed to talk to you? Am I supposed to tip you? What do I do??? I just want to go up!.”


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“Back in the day, my grandfather was a Typesetter for a local newspaper company. His job was to align the printing press before printing the newspapers. Some were letter by letter arranged backward, especially on stories that needed to go directly to the press. I was always fascinated when he would talk about it when I was a kid. I still have some of the printing presses he gave me as a kid.”


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“My grandma was a keypunch operator! She worked for IBM.”


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“I’m almost 50 and can’t recall ever seeing payphone money being collected. Arcades, vending, fountains, cigarette machines, all yes but never a payphone.”


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“A job that is no longer around but was before my generation: The knocker upper.

For those that don’t know, they were a human alarm clock that would come & whack your window with a stick until you got up. It was a paid service.”


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“Residential Bread delivery man. He would come down our street once a week, ringing a bell. We would run out to the front gate with our order, and he would get fresh loaves from the back of his van. On rare occasions, it would be a mule-drawn wagon delivering. I think the bakery kept the mule wagon as a novelty.

This was in the ’70s, and my house wasn’t little or on a prairie.”


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“Photo lab tech, i.e., makes 1-hour photos. People trying to sell you a Yellowbook or phone book, nor the people trying sell encyclopedias.”


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“In the 80s, my mom made extra money by delivering phone books. I don’t think that job exists in the same capacity anymore.”


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“Telephone operator? I remember having to dial 0 and talk to the operator for stuff… I don’t remember what that stuff was. Collect calls, maybe?.”


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“I was a projectionist for a couple of years. I guess there’s probably a few around, but a dying breed.”


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“Switchboard operators were largely gone when I was growing up.”


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“The Britannica & Worldbook people would come knocking in the neighborhood once a year. This was in the mid-late 90s, for reference, so not as long ago as one might think.”


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“Writers and novelists (who can survive off of their writing solely.) Nowadays, even the most successful 1 in 10,000 writer doesn’t earn enough to live off their writing as their only income. A couple of decades ago, it was even possible to survive from income from short story writing or being a poet.”

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