Our world offers us unprecedented access to both good and bad.  We wanted to know what are these 16 modern-day poisons that we’re willingly ingesting and should stop already.

1. Nicotine

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“Personally, I’m horrendously addicted to nicotine, and it’s probably killing me.”

2. Social Media

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“Those talking videos with like 3 things happening on the screen simultaneously. Social media is already absolutely atrocious for attention span; using that many distractions on a 30s clip just exponentially enhances that problem.”

3. 24-hour News Cycle

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“I’ve noticed this among my age group, boomers TV on practically 247, especially news, and it repeats the same thing over and over.”

4. Outrage

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“It’s straight-up poison to your mental health, but we thrive on it, yearn for it. Places like Tik-tok, Twitter, and r/PublicFreakout pass it out like dealers for little more than some attention—poisoning people to feel popular.

Worse, it’s helpful to those in control, so there’s no escaping it. Political parties and activists need you outraged, one-tracked, immune to real empathy, and motivated to solidify their power, so here we are.”

5.  Disposable Vapes

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“I’m gonna say Vaping. I knocked it on the head as my New Year’s resolution. First time I’ve been completely nicotine free, and still going strong, but I genuinely felt like I was about to cough my lungs up about 90% of the time vaping.

If I have to be honest, I don’t miss either, but I started vaping to stop smoking. I hate seeing young kids and teens do it- those who wouldn’t have considered smoking.” 

6. Energy drinks

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“I ordered food from McDonald’s, and the cashier said, “that monster isn’t good for your heart. Oh, is it not? Am I not making healthy choices?”

7. Work 5-6 Days A Week

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“Work 5-6 days a week and have no life”

8. Commute

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“The commuting. I knew a guy who moved from the city to the suburbs to enjoy lounging around his house and playing in the backyard instead of being in an apartment. He spends more than an hour commuting each way, meaning he gets home, does a few chores, watches a show or plays a game, and goes to bed because he has to wake up early. He has less leisure time to enjoy life.”

9. Processed sugars

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“Cutting sugar back makes me feel so much better. I’ve cut that all back over the last few weeks and feel a lot better. The best part is not feeling bloated. I could almost feel my gut growing during that period. Not fun.”

10. Extremely Harsh and Self-Hating Words

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“My therapist says self-compassion is the hardest thing to practice. I agree”

11. Soda

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“Soda. I used to drink it a lot. I had terrible health issues and sleep issues. I cut it all out. Been maybe two years without it. I feel better, I’m sick less, sleep better, and function better overall. Just replace it with water. If you live in the Western world, you most likely have clean drinking water pumped into your house.

I don’t believe in banning something because I don’t like it, but I think it is poison. It’s also super addictive. The first couple weeks I cut soda out was rough. Then we give this to kids, and it screws up their systems.”

12. Alcohol

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“When you quit drinking, you start to notice how much advertising there is for it everywhere. Billboards, TV ads, stickers, banners, during sporting events, commercials, and every 5 minutes in any drama or comedy on TV.”

13. Botox

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“Botox..Botulinum toxin, one of the most poisonous biological substances known.”

“Injected Botox also saves lives because people can be relieved from a muscle spasm or migraine pain that can lead to suicides. But I’m with you on injecting it without a medical reason.”

14. Teflon

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“Teflon. Since the proliferation of Teflon in Cookware, all humans now have an amount of Teflon in their blood, even newborn babies.

And you think it was intentional too. It’s like they were sitting around one day thinking about how to get this stuff into your body, and someone said, “I know, how about we coat cookware with it? Let’s cover everything in it?!”

And the new Teflon is no better. And they say it is okay if the pan temperature doesn’t exceed 500 degrees. Do you know how often your pans will peak above 500 degrees? Hahaha. In preheating a pan on my stovetop, I frequently cross over 500 degrees.”

15. Food

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“Merely being overweight will cut the average healthy life expectancy by a year. With overweight enough, that’s cut by ten years.”

16. Adult Movies

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“People like to argue that adult movies aren’t new, which to an extent is true. But the difference between now and, say, 25 years ago is the availability.

You used to have to go out to the corner store and hope no one recognized you as you hid the issue of Penthouse under the pile of chips. But now it’s available all the time, in high definition, and for free, and it’s so much easier to hide.

The proliferation of Instagram models with OnlyFans accounts doesn’t help either, and a generation of young people (and some older folks) are developing unhealthy habits and mindsets about women’s bodies.”

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