Solo traveling is definitely on the trend, and a lot of people, both men and women, are embarking on this journey but for females, safety issues are a big concern while traveling solo.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “Are there any countries you would recommend avoiding As A Solo Female Traveler In Her Mid 20s?”. Here are the top responses.


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“As a female solo traveler, you should be extra cautious in Nepal! Kathmandu can be sketchy at night. Plus spending 2 weeks or more alone with a male trekking guide can lead to bad situations, just be aware and do your research on guides.”, said one user.


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“I would never ever ever go to Egypt again. Never ending harassment even when I dressed very modestly. I liked Morocco but I was with a group of male and female so there was less harassment.”, said one user.

“Went with my mom to Egypt when I was 13. Was harassed a bunch of times that week, we ended up staying only at the hotel, and walking in the middle of the road (there was a divider) to the beach.

Last one is mostly due to annoying sellers, though. The harassment wasn’t level 10, but it was still so uncomfortable.”, said another user.


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“The US government recommends if you plan to go just show how truly wild it is. Draft a will, discuss funeral wishes with loved ones, appoint a specific family member as your point of contact for hostage negotiations, leave DNA samples with your medical provider.”, said one user.


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“There are foreigners locked up in Myanmar with no access to consular services. Aung San Suu Kyi is currently in prison awaiting a show trial. Why would you want to support this regime by giving them your hard currency?”, said one user.


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“Italy and certain parts of Europe if you are a black woman. One of the scariest times of my life honestly.

Leering, jeers and quite shockingly; just directly had servers ignore me when I sat down to eat, a salon literally flipped their sign to ‘closed’ when I came in for service while still serving other incoming clients.”, said one user.


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“Escaped from an aggressive taxi driver in Bangkok when I was there on my own. Left a very bad taste in my mouth!”, said one user.


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“Guatemala and parts of Belize. Kidnapping, physical assault and murder are rampant for solo females.”, said one user.


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“Brunei was brutal for me. Incessant catcalls and harassment. Unwanted touching. Despite being covered- in line with what their society deems appropriate for women.”, said one user.


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“My personal experience: In Istanbul, Turkey, I was groped by a random stranger walking by while waiting for an ATM.”, said one user.


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“South Africa should be on top of this list. I (an American female) moved to Joburg for work for 6 months a few years ago. I was told to never walk outside alone, even in daylight.

My company had a whole kidnapping protocol and everyone I talked to that lived there had a story (mugging, break in, carjacking, etc). When my boyfriend at the time came to visit, he insisted we walk to the restaurant 3 blocks away but I told him we needed to Uber.

He finally relented and during our uber ride, we saw a man literally hiding in the bushes around a corner just waiting to attack someone walking by.”, said one user.

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