Picture holding $20,000 in your hands—a substantial amount capable of turning dreams into reality. A user asked on the forum, “If you had $20k to spend on anything right now, what would you do?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“A new AC unit, a new septic tank, and other boring adult stuff. I couldn’t enjoy spending money knowing we need things fixed around the house,” says a user.

Normal folks face a constant balancing act when it comes to household repairs, especially with big-ticket items like AC units and septic tanks. So, if they had surplus money, that’s undoubtedly the first thing they’re going to fix.


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“Pay off my debts and invest the rest,” says a user.

A more considerable sum could tackle bigger debts or even clear them entirely. After addressing this, investing the remaining amount in a portfolio that matches risk tolerance and goals would be the most common solution. 


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“Quit my job and spend six months learning new stuff so I polish up the old CV and get a job that pays well and doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out,” says a user.

The financial cushion provides a sense of security and freedom, encouraging individuals to re-evaluate their career paths and pursue passions they may have set aside.


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“Down payment on a house. Even with high interest rates, a house is an investment. Rent is just flushing money. If not that, retirement fund.”

A $20,000 windfall can significantly boost anyone’s down payment savings, offering a real chance to make homeownership a reality.


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“Help fix some of the things in my parents’ home. A lot has to be updated to make things more livable.”

Many would likely be motivated to help their parents fix their house with such a financial windfall. This gesture could allow their parents to address long-neglected repairs, improve their living conditions, or update their home with features they’ve always desired.


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“25% into Gold, 25% into Bitcoin, 25% into stocks. Buy a motorcycle with the last 5k.”

Some might be drawn to the potential for long-term growth and consider investing in stocks, ETFs, or even real estate.


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“Enroll in college. I’m also tempted to say travel and beauty treatments, but realistically, college would be the grown-up thing to invest in.”

By applying the windfall towards tuition, fees, or living expenses, students can significantly reduce the need for loans, leading to less financial strain after graduation.


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“Decided I wanted my skydive license this summer. Between training, rentals, jumps, and purchasing gear, I’ll end this summer having spent upwards of $15k on the sport.” said one.


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“Simple but expensive and not covered by Medicaid.”

Many people often put off dental care due to financial constraints. The windfall can allow them to finally tackle necessary procedures, including fillings, crowns, or even dentures, improving their oral health and overall well-being.


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“Buy a brand new bed [ mattress/box spring, the whole thing], new bedding.”

A comfortable mattress can significantly improve sleep quality, leading to increased energy levels, better focus, and a more positive outlook. No wonder people want to invest in it.


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“Rent a shop nearby for 3-6 mo, upgrade my table saw, buy lumber for benches/storage, and get to work establishing my new main gig.”

With financial flexibility, entrepreneurs can choose a shop in a high-traffic area, increasing visibility and attracting more customers.

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