Despite their critical role in sustaining our society, several occupations remain obscure, their contributions often overlooked amidst the clamor of more noticeable professions. This invisibility extends even to influencers, whose primarily detrimental influence pales in comparison to the quiet dedication of these unsung heroes.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What still has not recovered from Covid 19 shutdown?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“24/7 library hours at my university. The latest the libraries are kept open is until midnight, and only 6pm on Saturdays. The only place I can study all night is my dorm lounge (which is often not very quiet) or room.”, said one user.


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“A lot of our urgent cares stop taking walk-ins. You had to try to call and make an appointment for the day, and they never went back to it.

Every time I need to see a specialist, it takes a minimum of 6 months to be seen. I know people with universal healthcare in other countries complained about wait times, but now we wait just as long on private insurance.”, said one user.


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“I remember in 2018 buying a brand new Honda Civic for something like $18,700. It was the most basic version of the Civic you could possibly buy. 3.5 years later, I sold it to Carmax for $19,000, despite it being 3.5 years old, having 52k miles on the clock, and your typical dents and scratches from regular use.

Sometimes I go to car dealer websites to see what’s on the market and being sold nowadays. I’ll see 3-5 year old cars being sold for the same price or higher than when it was new. So like 2018 Civic cars are being sold for $22,000. It’s insane how expensive vehicles are nowadays.”, said one user.


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“Fast food places are insane now. It’s like $12-$15 for a meal, and there’s barely a dollar menu anymore. It’s pretty much the same as a lower-end sit-down restaurant now.”, said one user.


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“My dog’s vet doesn’t allow us in the clinic. They are still practicing curbside drop-off.”, said one user.

“Last time I dropped off my cat I said ‘are you SURE? He really does not like coming here and will not be nice’. They said they were sure, dealt with anxious or upset pets all the time and asked me nicely to wait in the parking lot.

Less than 3 minutes later they came to fetch me because my cat was absolutely losing his mind.”, said another user. 


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“If you already own a home then the house you’re selling is worth more. Imagine you bought a house for $400k in 2017. Now that house is worth $650k.

You are technically $250k richer but you’ll only feel richer if you downsize or move to a cheaper market because a house that’s similar to yours is also worth $650k.”, said one user.


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“For a lot of people, the two years covid lasted was like time was put on pause.”, said one user.

“When I refer to ‘last year’ I could mean anywhere from March 2020 to December 31, 2022.”, said another user.


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“Previously, Walmart used to be open 24 hours. Shopping at 2am was so nice. My guess is that it was never cost-effective for them, and the pandemic was a perfect opportunity to stop doing it.”, said one user.


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“$100 of groceries is basically nothing these days. My monthly grocery expenses have more than doubled. I’m not even buying anything different than I normally do, things just got that expensive.”, said one user.

“The pain of seeing something on sale and it’s still $3 more expensive than it was pre-covid.”, said another user.


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“Most office complexes are still clamoring to fill the spaces. Lots of businesses found out they can function just fine using remote work. After putting so much effort into transitioning into a work-from-home ecosystem, they don’t want to make the effort to move everything back into the office.

They also found out a ton of businesses are attracting a ton of employees by offering remote work options, so requiring their staff to return to the office would result in them hemorrhaging workers.

All the while, these massive business parks throughout my area are shutting down right and left. My office campus is struggling. In 2019, it was impossible to find a parking spot in their 5-storey structure if you arrived after 10am. Today, the lot doesn’t even fill up their bottom floor.”, said one user.

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