Starting from antiques to limited editions, different types of rare items are owned by people. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is the rarest item you own?”, and here are the top responses.


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“I have a ukulele autographed “Aloha!” by William Shatner”, said one user. 

“I guess an autographed life sized poster of Michael Jordan from Space Jam. My dad was a limo driver back in the day, and my dad’s brother was in the hospital (he was 14 at the time fighting Leukemia), and my dad luckily got to pick up MJ to take him somewhere.

My dad told him about my uncle, and MJ said he would go to the hospital to meet him. He signed the poster, and we have the newspaper article somewhere.”, said another user.


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“I have an original bob ross painting. It was one of three used for an episode of the television show. This one was off-camera but on set and he used it as a reference for the one he painted on the episode.

I attended the taping by sheer happenstance and he gave it to me after the taping was complete. He autographed the back with date/episode info and I have a bunch of letters we wrote to each other afterwards where he explained his inspiration for that particular painting, others related to it in the series and his general outlook on a variety of things.”, said one user.


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“A Wheel of Fortune board letter N (from when they had to manually put letters on the board) that was signed by Pat and Vanna”, said one user. 


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“I own a rare antique Breguet Paris silver pocket watch. My great grandfather was given the watch when he became a doctor.

He carried it with him during the Spanish flu epidemic, his son then carried it with him into the battle of the North Atlantic, he had many sons so it skipped down to me.

I was the only one that visited and cared for my grandma so she gave it to me. I am unworthy of it but I shall keep it safe till I find someone worthy of it.”, said one user.


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“A piece of the Berlin wall my grandpa took when it fell”, said one user.

“My family has a piece, too! It’s blue and green from graffiti.”, said another user. 


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“Someone in my family (we think it’s one of our great aunts) has a plate off the titanic, because my family is exactly that type where in the midst of a gigantic disaster, they would grab the nearest pricey thing and hold onto it for dear life.”, said one user. 

“My great grandmother had a ticket to the Titanic. She got sick and could not go. We auctioned it off for 20k a few years ago.”, said another user.


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“Ancestors sword from 1600’s”, said one user.

“A US penny from 1795”, said another user.


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“Mountain Dew limited edition body wash”, said one user.

“I own a pair of limited edition Mountain Dew skis. I don’t know if they’re rare or not but they’re fun to ski around on. Do the Dew!”, said another user.


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“I have a hand-painted tapestry, 4’ x 8’ . It was given to me back around 1974 by a nun who taught in the catholic school I attended.

It was painted on the back of a church banner. There are still some felt pieces remaining on the back. It’s a beautiful painting of flowers in a vase. It’s hung in every place I’ve lived since 1974 and it hangs in my guest bedroom right now!”, said one user.


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“As a rock hound and geologist – an uncut sapphire. It’s small and pretty low quality, but there are some clear areas that could produce some decent, very small accessory gems if cut.

The cost of cutting would probably exceed the value of the gems, and the remaining pieces of the stone would be destroyed in the process. Besides which I prefer the look of natural, raw minerals.”, said one user.


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“I have a George iii coin that’s been passed down from oldest child to oldest child since it was minted in the 1780s.

According to family stories, it was carried at Waterloo, went over the top of the Somme and was with grandad at El alamein.”, said one user

“A 400 year old 8 escudos gold coin that I found in the silt while scuba diving.”, said another user.

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