We all have things we’re proud of, even if they’re a little weird.

A user asked the forum, What is a weird flex you are proud of? Here are the typical responses. 


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“I went viral and got a million views on YouTube in 2007 for a silly rap about the Nintendo Wii I made out of boredom before that was a common thing and before there were ads on YouTube.

My video was featured on the front page of YT, on Attack of the Show, and at Nintendo’s E3 press conference that year, and was one of the first hundred videos available on the iPhone (since iOS didn’t support Flash video at the time)…and while I felt like the coolest kid in town and at my campus for a period, I made exactly $0 for it.”


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“After 30 years of being a couch potato, I started running in my fifties. Eleven months later I did a half marathon in a decent time for someone half my age.”


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“I can mimic the sounds of birds, get all the birds in the area to start singing, and even get them to seek out the “big bird.” It’s kinda funny to have them completely change their song when they realize I am not a bird, almost screeching at me sometimes (especially catbirds)

edit: I really need to do a video. Hopefully, it will be a nice day soon and before Reddit explodes itself.”


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“I’m a legally blind person, so I have a residual vision. I can still walk around my apartment and find my stuff when there’s a power outage using muscle memory.

Edit: I had no idea it would blow up like this! I love the curious ones!”


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“My class was working on a short film together with professionals, and I was an editor. I got to work with the original editor of Lego Ninjago seasons 1-3 on my class short film.”


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“This month, I am going to be paying off my house…after 12 years of a 30-year mortgage.”


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“I have always wanted to be a biologist ever since I can remember. All my friends wanted to be footballers, astronauts, or YouTubers, and eventually had to give up / change their dreams to something more realistic.

I have only one exam left to get my bachelor’s degree in Biology this month, and I’ll start a Master’s degree in Biotech in September!”


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“I once won gold at the Games Workshop “Golden Demon” painting competition in the 90s.

Quit straight away and never enter again. Go out on top.”


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“My youtube account is blessed. I have not received an ad in over a decade, and I do not pay for premiums. I don’t use ad blockers, and I’ve tested it by adding my account to my friends t.v’s and other devices. They get ads on their account, but I do not.


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‘I have a near-perfect credit score. After not having one for some time.”


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“I’m CURED (not just remission) of what could be considered the most ‘aggressive’ type cancer known to man (most aggressive is not to be confused with most deadly). Either way, I’m still alive, bishes!”


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“Despite my parents not believing that I’d finish high school, I graduated high school, got my associates at my local community college, and am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I’m a first gen Latina in a male-dominated field, but I got here without my parent’s help and without them believing in me. I did it for myself, and I’m proud of myself.

Edit: I didn’t expect this amount of kindness from anyone, so thank you all very, very much for your kind and motivational words. And oh man, thanks so much for the awards!”


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“My kid just graduated college Summa Cum Laude at the age of 20.”


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“I survived 2 suicide attempts and a cocaine overdose. I’m clean after 8 years and have no intention of suicide. I’ve also learned to feel and understand my emotions which is a huge deal to me as I can now participate in everyday life.”


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“Dentists always compliment me on how well I clean my teeth.”


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“I have only one credit card that I always pay off in full each month.”

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